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  1. this is a pretty good bargain for whoever buys it, goodluck with the sale shouldnt take long to sell
  2. Oh how could u tell my car used to be auto? but ur right it was changed at some stage, the previous owner told me it was done about 5 yrs ago, just before he got it. oh so u just gotta replace the motor? if u could find that thread itd b great thx!
  3. oh thanks mate, is it an easy fix'? how can i fix it? cheers brad
  4. Thinking about selling my skiline just thought id see if theres any interest out there first.... 1995 R33 GTS-T 4 door Skyline Manual 92,xxxklms 2 tone silver with dark grey(ill post up a pic) M Sport bodykit R34 gtt wheels Strut brace HKS mushroom air intake Nismo catback exhaust factory sunroof heavy duty clutch (think its OS Giken but not 100%) fully aluminium radiator(bigger then the standard) Blitz turbo time jvc bluetooth stereo with usb & mp3 input Drift weighted gear knob new gearstick/handbrake boot leather autotechnica steering wheel boost guage mirror tinted windows just had a full service and tune at boost automotive, cost me $550, replaced all spark plugs with iridium ones, changed filters, oil etc and gave it a tune. a couple of minor problems- when car is first started there is a clicking sound behind the dash ever since i changed the dash surround(because of someone painted the last one and wrecked it) it only goes for 5-10 seconds but has nvr worried me, next the indicators dont click off by themselves, i guess its something to do with the non standard steering wheels not being on there? not sure and also front brake pads will need doing soon. other then that ive nvr had any problems or issues with it, its been a great car for me i just want a change. thats about all i can think of at the moment. id be interested in swaps, prob not really higher(may for the right car) but straight swaps or lower, cash sale is always preferable though. Im after $11, 500 ono cheers Brad
  5. Nice rims mate! i like the shved handles too it looks good. Ill add a few pics of my R33 4 door, it has the M spec kit on it, pretty standard but i think looks nice.
  6. oh i cant if its the sun, but i was a mayb anyway......so whtevs i guess, if i cant make this therell hopefully be a next one!
  7. sorry i havent been on for a while but has a date and cruise been organised yet?
  8. 5KYLINE


    did anyone else go? i managed to get an hour in at the end it was alright, how was the morning?
  9. Yeh that looks alright, ive been on most of those roads are they are good, only turnoff for ppl might be the gravel and wrecking their paintjob but if we can find a way around it i think we'd get more ppl. good plan though!
  10. Yeh ill def be in on it too providing i dont have to work
  11. 5KYLINE

    Stagea Meetup

    Yeh its on tassiecars, heres a link...... http://tassiecars.com.au/detail.jsp?id=379...c=0&ti=true
  12. 5KYLINE

    Stagea Meetup

    Yeh that sounds like a nice drive, id be in providing im not working or anything i think the best idea is see if theres some interest then just to set a date and time if your willing to do somthing or else they prob wont get to be much more then ideas lol, even if only a few cars turn up itd still b good fun oh and those places are def up north
  13. 5KYLINE

    Stagea Meetup

    haha ok ok ill try to make more of an effort nxt time i think its just easier and more central for everyone to meet up at a car park in town, if we are actually going someplace for a cruise i guess ud meet where ever.....
  14. 5KYLINE

    Stagea Meetup

    sigh, it was raining at like 230 when i was on my way to get some more car wash, so i arrived at supercheap and realised i forgot my wallet! :@ so i didnt wash my car in the end hence my no show at the meet LOL but i agree something of a cruise nxt time sounds good, even if its jst a few people itll b fun how many did turn up today?
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