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  1. OMG this was my old car! This is sad to see, I spent so many years looking after it
  2. Went out last night and took some up to date photos of the car - they are now on the carsales ad: http://www.carsales....e=SSE-AD-742696 During the week I work in Moorooka so the car can also be viewed there (please organise with me prior).
  3. 1999 R34 GTT Sedan Located in Brisbane - $12,000 with RWC for quick sale For sale is my R34 GTT Sedan - I love cars and have always kept it in fantastic condition and the paintwork has always had polish applied when required. You'll be surprised at the condition this car is in. I've owned it for the past 6 years but I recently moved to Brisbane and now need a cheap city car. I purchased my R34 at 57,000km and it is now at 117,000km - low KM for a 13 year old car - the majority of them came from highway driving. The engine is strong and has been serviced religiously every 5,000km. Includes: - OEM Xenon headlights & ballasts (Factory optioned but were removed for AUS compliance. I imported a complete setup and refitted them - lots of $$$). - Factory optioned front parking antenna - Factory optioned chrome ring / high spec instrument cluster. - Factory Skyline Seat Covers (front & rear seats) - Factory Nismo floor mats - Nismo clear indicators - Viper alarm - Perfect Interior - Wheels recently sprayed gunmetal grey In addition to regular servicing, I have also had the following work performed: - Water Pump replaced with new OEM item - Timing belt replaced around 80,000km - Replaced all brake pads at 90,000km, brake fluid flushed and replaced - New spark plugs gapped to 0.7mm Modifications include: - 3" stainless steel exhaust, done properly from the turbo back, using a custom made split dump pipe. Varex straight through muffler with noise level adjustment - Apexi pod filer and JJR air box - Front mount intercooler installed (stealth black, return flow) - 5sp manual conversion, includes braided brake lines, new slave cylinder & heavy duty clutch. Brand new GTT gear knob & R34 GTR S2 gear surround trim pieces & ash tray. - NISTUNE installed on ECU (not dyno tuned yet) - Boost Tee installed (set to a safe 9psi - factory turbo can handle up to 12) - Walbro high pressure fuel pump This car has quality modifications and runs perfectly as is - it was recently fitted with a NISTUNE ECU chip and is ready to be dynotuned for more power. If you're after a neat 5sp manual R34 Sedan then you absolutely have to come take a look. Everything works perfectly as it should - absolutely no faults or problems with this car. Good blank canvas for those wanting to modify further, or simply give it a tune and drive it as is. I love it and will feel sad to see it go. More pics on Carsales ad: http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?R=12807829
  4. I moved to Toowong last Tuesday and haven't seen any Skylines around the city at all. Then I went to Sunnybank today and saw heaps. Best two - a very clean looking silver R33 GTST coupe at Sunnybank Shopping center and an R34 GTT sedan with a chunky URAS bodykit - MRR34.
  5. I love detailing - so much so that me and a mate are planning to start our own business doing it. Moving to Brisbane next week so we may give it a shot then. My GTT sedan. Photo doesn't do it justice - came up reallly nice after 4hours of cleaning and polishing A mate's GU Patrol. This thing had thousands of scratches down the sides from off roading, but we managed to cut and polish the majority of them out. The size of the car meant we ended up spending a whole day on it. My father's old VW Karmann Ghia. The paint on this thing is shot but after a detail it ended up looking respectable. Might mean the respray can be put off for a bit longer anyway.
  6. I'm no expert but yes I would say you either would have gotten robbed and/or had your car taken from you. Did you manage to get the plates on the Monaro for the cops? Bottom line is there is no way they would have been that aggressive if they just wanted a friendly chat!
  7. Definitely needs the grille otherwise bugger all air will flow through. I mean the car will still run fine but it'll be down a bit on power.
  8. The vibration / grinding noise is from the gearbox - though I am not sure why. I had my car converted to a manual - using an R33 GTST gearbox with 80,000km on it. Had a new HD clutch thrown in at the same and it has always made a grinding noise at low revs when you put any load at all through the box. On mine it disappears by around 2000rpm. I don't know the true reason - some say it is worn bearings and others say it can happen after a HD clutch has been fitted. All I know is the gearbox is still working fine 3 years later. The sound is still the same, hasn't gotten any worse.
  9. Yes you basically have to reach right into the corner - you'll feel the little plug sticking out. Simply turn it counter clockwise a bit and it'll pop out. Installation is exactly the reverse. Those with big hands may struggle with it.
  10. I had mine 2-pack painted gunmetal grey (near enough to black) by a local spraypainter for $30 per wheel. Looks awesome IMO. Much better than the bronze set I had before
  11. All i can confirm is the driver's window IS auto down and auto up. I guess if the wiring to the switch all looks OK, you could try get hold of another switch and try that?
  12. This is definitely what I would be doing.. well the waiting bit, not the running off the road part. If you're still getting GOVIA notifications try and find a pattern to the toll crossings on a weekly basis. EG have they passed though late on a Monday night more than once? If so I'd be sitting on the side of the road just past the toll and wait it out. If it passes by follow it at a distance and note where it goes. I know it is easier said than done, but I also know how badly you'd want to get your car back. I'd be out there every night of the week if it were mine Also note the last toll crossing each day is heading EAST through the LOGANLEA EAST Toll Point, so that'd be the side I would sit on. Would hate to be waiting on the other direction, only to see them heading home on the other side....
  13. Stock alloys resprayed in gunmetal grey
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