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  1. hi, are these plastic? if so willing to post to melb? matt
  2. cheers in advance for pics, may be able to come have a look tomorrow
  3. hi, Any chance of pics of the rims? also width and offsets? matt
  4. Maybe? hopefully not. wish i got the rear spoiler, looks hot! does yours have rear pods?
  5. neither do i! have a nov 97 with strut bar and 40th anniversary seats but no badges on outside! I also have rear pods which i think are different to a normal series2
  6. hi, very interested just trying to figure out if they will fit mine, also are you willing to post? matt
  7. TE gemini. had a 2lt out of a rodeo and it loved its lock diff. shattered when it was stolen and torched earlier this year. Had my 33 for about a year and still love driving it Matt
  8. hey mate, by any chance is this still happening??
  9. ahh that totally sucks, had my daily stolen bout two months ago, know how it feels.
  10. neatgtst

    Spotted Thread

    spotted a couple of 33's round near work in west heidleberg today round 4.30 one white on waterdale road, nodded and a silver one at neway wheel repairs (was in work van)
  11. yeah should do, mine doesn't quite hit 10 but close to it (with similar mods) also, has anyone put a switch in with a triple throw, ie. earthed, earthed to cpu (stock) and open circuit? Was just going to put in a double throw but driving in the rain today gave me the the triple throw idea. lol matt
  12. hi sounds similar to what mine does. There is a screw behind the tacho that has a split washer that became loose on mine and caused it to do the same thing. tightening up the screw should fix the problem, maybe a dash of loctite or a new split washer could help also. matt
  13. i'l let it slip that you called me a girls name (no offence). Yeah shepp isn't too bad just lack of opportunity and plenty of people looking for trouble with long memories, still have a lot of friends/ family there and dont mind visiting but i like to keep it to a visit Matt
  14. cheers for the welcome jess. Yeah i was shattered that i missed the DECA day, serves me right for not checking the events section. But shepp is a crap hole so pretty glad i dont call it home anymore:-) Ivanhoe is in north eastern suburbs of melb matt
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