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  1. I will 100% buy whatever the latest McLaren is in 4 years if I have the money. In more serious news, price drop down to $15,000.
  2. Hi, Selling another '03 V35. This was swapped for my supercharged V35 plus cash last week. Immaculate condition. No dents or scratches anywhere, headlights just need a polish. 2nd owner in Aus. Odomoter: 76,xxx Condition: Good, drives like a brand new car. Only modification are a GROM (Bluetooth handsfree/iPod/Aux/Micro USB), plasti-dipped front grill and wheels, and reversing camera. Handful of 350GT/premium features including auto-retracting mirrors, down tilting mirrors on reverse, CD player, Bose sound system, leather interior etc, dual climate control etc. $16,000 ONO SMS ONLY: 04 333 70 258 Thanks.
  3. Price drop to $29,000 ONO. Swaps for daily + cash my way considered.
  4. Price drop down to $31,000 ONO. I won't be going much lower than this, and this is close to what I paid for it before I put the new engine in along with LSD, strut bar, paddle shifters and a stack of other goodies. Front & rear Akebono brake pads have just been replaced. Video from today's dyno day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywuiUt_sj_c
  5. Awesome sounds good! As long as it's 1080P resolution I should be able to use it. If it has an option to change the frame rate set it to 25 frames. Don't forget about the Racewars Dyno Day on March 8 guys. $50 for 2 runs. 2WD dyno only.
  6. Gonna be a great couple of days. Good variety of cars in the lineup! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.504017609719791.1073741830.253752048079683&type=3 Brendan even though you ran low boost last year I was heavily impressed by your 34, will have to have another ride in it again this year. I'm working on getting some cameras from Sony that will measure some race data with the footage, pending if the GPS will get signal out there.
  7. It ran 12.7 as listed on G35 Driver, without much traction 1st-3rd. Unless you mean the power not times. The trans is fine. For a streeter the power is more than enough, my transmission isn't as built as yours either - we've had this convo on ZClub.. I was just trying to explain to Howaitonaito in a simple way about his 'dollar to power' ratio. A lot more power is capable from the car but I want to keep it reliable. I was going to chase 1/4 times with it but I've decided to invest some money back into my businesses. The price is ONO and I'm not in a rush to sell. If someone is in the market for a V35 they're more than welcome to negotiate..
  8. Are you bipolar? I have a 2.37 pulley that will put it close to or over 500rwhp. I could also E85 it if I was chasing numbers. The transmission wouldn't last long either option, a NOS kit would probably be smarter as the increase in torque during launches wouldn't be as much of a strain on the drivetrain. If you want to compare it to the Americans, feel free to jump on G35 Driver and see that it's the 5th quickest supercharged G35/V35 on there, and would be at #1 on a run with ET's. It would probably sit around #4 in the overall top 25 list too. Here is the link: http://g35driver.com/forums/drag/415854-top-25-1-4-mile-times.html Also consider the amount spent on wheels, aero, gauges, steering, and suspension before you even start adding up the parts under the bonnet. Good luck with your Sedan though.
  9. Hey, Just thought I'd post this hear too. I'm selling my V. 455RWHP 521Nm. $41,000 ONO. 7,000KM's. BRAND NEW ENGINE, not a rebuild. 121,xxx on the chassis. Nearly all the parts minus the supercharger has less than 7,000km's on it, with 90% freeway driving. The transmission has about 15,000km's on it. A lot of time, energy and money has been spent on this car. SAU for sale thread: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/437831-fs-560bhp-2003-nissan-v35-skyline-350gt/?p=7174298 Contact me if interested. Thanks.
  10. FS: 2003 5AT Nissan V35 Skyline (350GT). 455RWHP 521Nm. $41,000 ONO. 7,000KM's. BRAND NEW ENGINE, not a rebuild. 121,xxx on the chassis. Nearly all the parts minus the supercharger has less than 7,000km's on it, with 90% freeway driving. The transmission has about 15,000km's on it. A lot of time, energy and money has been spent on this car.[/size] Runs 12.7 1/4 on street tyres and should easily run 11s with the right suspension and tyre setup. This is one most unique, fastest and best examples of a V35 in the world. A balance of both performance and comfort. Key parts that separate it from the rest is include the Vortech supercharger, Works Bell carbon fibre paddle shifters, '09 Nissan GT-R wheels, KS-Auto side skirts, and the mighty Quaife ATB helical LSD, and much more. Will accept daily drivers (ute or 4WD) and cash my way. Engine - Import Parts Pro Stage 1 short block (Bored, honed & balanced) - CP-Carrillo Pistons (Polymer/Ceramic Coated) 8.5:1 compression - Eagle Rods - DeatschWerks 850CC Injectors - ACL Thrust Washers (Moly coated) - ACL Main Bearings (Moly coated) - ACL Rod Bearings - ARP Main Stud Kit - Performance Springs Valve Springs - Motordyne 5/16" Iso Thermal plenum spacer - Nissan VQ35DE Rev-Up '06 Oil Pump - Vortech V-2 SQ Supercharger kit with custom low mount CAI - Vortech 2.87 Pulley (14PSI) - Vortech Maxflow Racing Bypass Valve - CJM Stage 1 Billet Rail Return Fuel System with HR damper ports and housings - Aeromotive FPR - Aeromotive Stealth 340 Fuel Pump - Setrab 25 Row Oil Cooler & Thermostatic Sandwich adapter - Custom oil catch can - Stillen high capacity aluminium oil pan - Borla 3.5" Cat-back TD Exhaust - 3-1 Extractors - Weapon-R Engine Damper - Mishimoto Performance Radiator - Mishimoto Thermostat Electronics - UpRev Osiris - UpRev MAF GT - AEM Tranmission Temp Gauge - GReddy Multi D/A (all cables besides exhaust temp) Drivetrain - Quaife LSD - Transgo Shift Kit - 3.3 Final Drive - High-stall lock-up Torque Convertor (~2.5k) with Sonnax Clutch Packs - Torrington bearings - Works Bell Carbon Fibre Paddle Shift - Setrab 6 Series 19 row transmission cooler - Whiteline diff mount front & rear bushings (Fade to Black edition) Wheels & Suspension - '09 Rays Nissan GTR wheels resprayed in Satin Black (new Michelin PSS on the rear, Kumho's on front) - Akebono Big Brake kit Cross-drilled & Slotted Stoptech Rotors - Tein CS 16 Way Adjustable Coilovers - Whiteline Front & Rear Adjustable Sway-bars - NRG Innovations carbon fibre front strut bar - SPL front upper arms (V3) Cosmetics - KS Auto Burnout KD-V Carbon Fibre side skirts and rear pods - GReddy Replica front bar - Taillight/Headlight/Roof Vinyl Overlays (cut to maintain road-legal)[/size] Email: [email protected][/size] More pics at: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/success/cars-vans-utes/2003-v35-nissan-skyline-350gt-coupe/1036743347http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/success/cars-vans-utes/2003-v35-nissan-skyline-350gt-coupe/1036743347
  11. Not at this stage. I've bought a 350Z 5AT diff with Whiteline front/rear bushings plus new collapsable spacers. It will soon be in the process of being swapped into it and going on my car.
  12. Yeah that's me. They're good, alot less creaking, Cusco and the SPL would be pretty similar I'd say. When I adjust it when it's ready for the track then it'll shine. The quality between OEM and SPL is miles apart.
  13. Got mad love for Wedsport, I used to have the SA-70's on my R34.
  14. Borla is probably as quite as you'd get with still obtaining a loud euro-esque scream at WOT. If you want to hear it WOT pm me. This is idle, but I have a loud engine bay, and Evo X alarms are super sensitive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaXmxY65kAQ The youtube video is filmed with good mics so you could turn that up to get an idea of the idle.
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