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  1. before mining companies even look at you, you need your marcstar, this correct? cheers good info guys
  2. just ordered my copy:D will be arriving soon, already got hdmi tv too:D
  3. alright! cheers marko!
  4. they will be fine wuth 275's mate....car not too low is it? gaurds been rolled? should be all fine mate..
  5. wanlis are ok in the dry, but in the wet r shocking.... overall they are crap like nankgas all the major brands tyres companies make good quality tyres and they all have their cheaper crap. as stated above, you pay for wat you get. ...my 2 cents...
  6. 25 for sure, got one in mine and never looked back:D go for a r33 box too.... let me know what ya do cheers and good luck
  7. i have an r33 box in mine...speedo is fair wack out, but you can get em callibrated?? right?
  8. cheers mate, will have a look into them:D
  9. nope....near beaurepaires in melville. corner of leach hwy and northlake road...you cant miss it
  10. could you do a special price for all of them? might be interested... cheers mate
  11. think its an m5 or something newer....m3 is much squarer but very fu*kin lovly!!!!!!!!!!
  12. are you sure no-explode has creatine in it? i have a bottle infront of me....where does it say that?? isnt creatine used in building muscle? no explode is purely an energy booster....
  13. its not really "little" really nice tho mate
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