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  1. Hi all, I'm selling my bellowed kit as i don't get to use it much anymore. So may as well pass it on to someone who will appreciate this setup. Camera is in absolutely great nick, functioning perfectly. Lens is around 3 months old, I bought it when I was overseas and it comes with three years international warranty, I double checked that when I came back home with Sigma service and yes it is a valid warranty (Bought in Germany). Lens on its own is close to $600 here in Australia (according to static ice, that's if you buy it online + shipping) in shops its even more, so for an asking price you are getting a great value package! This is a semi-professional body with complete weather/dust sealing and magnesium chassis. And the lens is EX series from Sigma which is professional series lens. What you get; Pentax K20D DSLR Camera 4 x original Pentax batteries 2 x Pentax Chargers 1 x Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM Lens + Original Receipt and Sigma Warranty Receipt + Original Carrying pouch. I do not have original packaging anymore but the camera will be sent in a old box from my Pentax k100d DSLR and the lens still comes with its carrying pouch. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Pickup in Adelaide is welcome! Thebarton area. Few examples, Price: $750 firm! Cheers Vlad
  2. Thats horrible! Keep the high speed crap for off road for gods sake!
  3. EG civics are quick! Especially if they're mildly worked! Iron Chef - are you in SA ? Thats a awesome EP3 you have there! If in SA PM me, id love to see it in person!
  4. Yup thats the place! Heh funnily enough i always try and park at the very same spot! For anyone interested this was my R33
  5. Yeah not as hard on the fuel as my R33 was, i average around 9l daily driving, bit more when i take it for the walk
  6. Well thanks for the positive comments guys! Iron Chef - EP3 R ? Love them, and love them even more in white! Im in the market for the net set of tyres too, probably going for yokos s.drive Tangles - getting the exhaust finished soon, HF cat and SS piping to the remus muffler. And then the big stuff comes hopefully early next year.. http://www.k-tecracing.com/show_product.asp?id=2478
  7. I love skylines always had and always will! I had one for gods sake, sadly circumstances have forced me to sell it... I mean i used to cruise with you guys back in the skyline days, and now that i've got a different car it cant be posted on here for some rather stupid reason. Shall i just ask the OP's to delete my account My intention wasn't "hey look at my clio i can beat you all up in the hills" cheer up guys
  8. Hey Kellie, damn it has been ages huh ? How you been ? How is that friend of yours ?
  9. Non taken! Believe it or not, were revving about new GT-R on our forums. Great car doesn't need a specific community to be appreciated thats my point, not talking about my car. Oh crap, work in few hours!
  10. Why not post it here, im sure many members here dont have a skyline.. at least i had one
  11. Straight line speed is not this cars strong point, but to be honest it does keep up with most of the cars. Handling wise, i already gave grief to couple of subby boys in the hills
  12. Oh yes, and lift-off oversteer is such fun!
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