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  1. The cash difference between valuations, sorry for not getting back sooner. Your car value: 5sp Manual U Multi-point injected 4cyl 1.5 1468cc Average Private Price+ $4,400 - $6,500 Trade In Price Guide+ $3,300 - $4,600 Mine: 4sp Automatic U Multi-point injected 8cyl 5.7 5665cc Average Private Price+ $24,100 - $27,900 Trade In Price Guide+ $21,500 - $24,800 So you would be looking at a 20k difference.
  2. Has the engine had a rebuild? Would you be interested in trading up to a VY SS Sedan? (Your car + an amount of cash)
  3. Compliance plate? Rego? Interested in a trade deal?
  4. Hey mate you seem pretty keen on getting rid of the car. Why? Looks nice. I'd still consider a deal of your car + cash on my VY SS sedan.
  5. *** Bump *** This is a great price for anyone that needs a car with a bit more room and a lot of performance. Would also look at trading a 4cylinder small car + cash for it.
  6. Interested in trading up to a VY SS commodore?
  7. Sorry AMS, no can do (straight swap). However, looking to sharpen my pencil for outright sale, really want it sold in the next week. Here is the offer guys: $24,000.00 I need it gone, what more can I say?
  8. AMS, are you interested? I sent you a PM. You come up with a proposal for me.
  9. OK guys I am pretty negotiable, show me the money and I might suprise you with what i will accept. Some cash needed before my Christmas break. Please Also if trades/delivery interest you, I am coming to VIC in mid December, I could organise a switch over in NSW, VIC or maybe even SA.
  10. Sorry mate, but having owned an R33 myself and currently owning a VY SS and previously owning a VT series II SS, they are all about the same for fuel usage. VY SS - 235kw LS1 5.7 V8 VT II SS - 220kw LS1 5.7 V8 R33 GTS-t type M - 180kw 2.5l 6cyl
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