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  1. 😂 Good luck today mate!
  2. V28VX37

    Let me google it for you: The cheapest R34 GT (non turbo) is 10.5k on Carsales and 9.5k on Carsales, in Vic. GTs are available in both coupe and sedan.
  3. V28VX37

    Carsales and Gumtree will give you a pretty clear idea of pricing
  4. V28VX37

    Non-turbo? Probably 4-5k. No offence but R33's (well any R-chassis really) are not a good first car, nor a reliable daily. Please get something newer and safer to get started in.
  5. V28VX37

    Assuming it's a 25 Neo just get a Nistune for your existing ECU mate, no need to upgrade further for basic mods like a turbo back. I've got a GTT with manual conversion and the original auto ECU with Nistune works just fine.
  6. My car had fuel pressure issues initially after putting in the new Walbro 450, it flows _a lot_ of fuel. My workshop spent a bit of time troubleshooting it and ended up swapping the stock reg for a Magnaflow, which settled it down. Good riddance of that flex sensor, who needs anything but ethanol anyway
  7. V28VX37

    Dropped by today, the V8's race was great fun in the wet, some proper driving skills required. Still, I'm sorry to say that compared to 2003 when I first went to the F1's in Melbourne, the cars sound like s__t these days. Too quiet, too confused. Those older naturally aspirated V10's on song, reverberating from the nearby buildings was absolutely heavenly. A true symphony. In addition to the safety halo, there's something else weird about the new cars too. There tyres seem... too small? Or have the cars grown? Anyhow, I do feel that the whole circus is slowly going the way of the dodo. They don't seem very good at renewing the formula (pun) – it feels like most of the entertainment (F18's, The Roulettes, celebrity race etc. etc.) was pretty much the same as 15 years ago.
  8. Perhaps in the UK but certainly not in Aus or NZ The cheapest GTT right now on CarSales is AU$8k. TradeMe has one with a 26 in it for NZ$10k...
  9. V28VX37

    My 4door had 3 already installed on the parcel shelf from compliance. The coupe has no middle seat in the back right, so you only need two? Should be easy enough to buy the parts off eBay and drill & install yourself. What's the airbag reference, surely there are no rear airbags in these 1990's cars?
  10. Not all GTT's have the triple gauge cluster – mine came with the Japan-only Xanavi satnav with the popup lid. A full GT to GTT swap is quite intensive to do. Look for things like brakes and BMC (GTT units are larger), rear shocks like Jordy stated, also from memory GT's don't come with a rear swaybar stock. If you want a solid factory GTT 4door buy mine, all you need is a tilt tray for freight
  11. A straight sale is still preferred, however may consider swaps for something of interest – must be stock, VIC regoed, 2008 or newer, no accident history, no finance owing, around the $20k mark on Carsales. Please send through a link to your ad if keen.
  12. Please do a search for RB25DE+T or DE+T e.g. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/335781-r34-rb25de-to-turbo-conversion/ In short, turboing an NA car is not worth it. Here's what the GTT has over the GT, among other things: stronger gearbox, bigger brakes, bigger wheels for the bigger brakes, rear swaybar, sidemount intercooler, everything in the right location in the engine bay. Possibly some differences in cooling also (rad, PS, auto gearbox). Fully converting a GT to a GTT is possible but a big job - just save up and buy a proper GTT. Better yet, buy someone else's 500hp car with everything done already. Another solid myth is that buying an auto can be magically converted manual cheaper that buying a manual in the first place. Not true. Been there done that. If you want a manual, buy a manual. Good luck.