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  1. V28VX37

    Sorry mate not sure, I'm based in Melbourne. Just Jap can supply the arms, they are pretty easy to install Diy, then you'll just need someone to do the alignment.
  2. V28VX37

    I have half worn KU36 in 235/45R17, not overly hard suspension and the said Nismo 1.5-way. They're 'ok' warm/hot but spin city for the first couple of gears when cold. In the wet, forget about it. To OP, I reckon the most cost effective test you could do is borrow a pair of 17" stockies from someone, pretty much with any tyre, and drop pressures to high 20's. Go do a couple of launches and report back. If traction improves you might need to downsize your current wheel setup – if not you could start looking at your suspension setup. Sidenote – The R chassis can't really be dropped much without throwing in a full set of adjustable arms as well. Do you have adjustable rear camber arms and traction rods, and a good alignment from someone knowledgeable?
  3. V28VX37

    ^ What Bill said, try a 17 or 18 inch rim with a good tyre and it's likely to help. Re spring rates, you can measure the length of the spring and the number of coils and run it through an online calculator. Generally high rate springs tend to look really dense so that can be a bit of a giveaway sign. If your ride is harsh, crashy or sharp over uneven surfaces that could indicate hard suspension... but then again too large a rim with not enough tyre sidewall can show similar symptoms.
  4. V28VX37

    It's curious that you're trying to address loss of traction with a diff. Some questions: What tyres are you running? How much meat is left on them? What suspension are you running, especially spring rates? How's your ride height and wheel alignment? Since your car was modified already in Japan perhaps it has touge-spec rock hard 12kg/mm spring rates? That could easily cause bad traction. Also on the diff, I have a GTT sedan with a Nismo 1.5-way in it. It's a beautiful diff on the track and spirited driving, and absolute s__thouse in daily driving. Basically, you can't feather the clutch in tight corners/driveways/manoeuvring as it won't lock properly and gets hellishly skippy. I would never ever ever put such a thing in a daily driver. Make sure you take someone else's 1.5/2-way for a good varied drive before making the decision. Also from my research the GTR diff requires too much mucking around with shafts etc. and is not really a viable option for the GTT. Just my $0.02
  5. V28VX37

    Another thing to do whilst you're at it, check that your water pump bearing is ok and rotates level. Your clutch fan is hanging off it and if it's not level it'll make the fan blade wobble and explode before long. Fairly easy to the check: Record a slo-mo clip from directly above using your smartphone with the engine running and play back; if it's wobbling at the base you might be up for a new water pump too...
  6. V28VX37

    R34 GT-R N1/Nismo (style) front bottom lip with undertray innit? Looks amazing until you smash it in the slightest of speed bumps or driveways... I went with the flexy Rhino Lip, still going ok after four years: https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/463218-r34-gtt-front-lip-options/
  7. What fuel are you using? I'm finding that going from 98 to E85 has made the car slightly more fume-y, using the exact same exhaust system and 100-cell cat. I reckon ethanol in general provides a more olfactory experience.
  8. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=justjap+r34+gtt+bc+racing+br (The p/n is listed as D-18-RS)
  9. V28VX37

    Very tidy, nice find! Have you considered a Series 1 front bar? Heaps easier to fit a front mount behind it. That MX5 looks like great fun too!
  10. ^ Perfect. You'll need one of these for scrutineering:
  11. Asking $19,490 Full ad: http://bit.ly/4doorad
  12. V28VX37

    ^ LOL 'Same same but different' Don't forget the third dimension. The thing that killed my original hack job of a system was the non-tuckage, it scraped on every darn bump. Good luck