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  1. ^^^ Awesome, looking great Chris!! Did you check for runout & oscillation using a dial indicator when installing? I'm a convert now
  2. There is a rubber lining on the underside edge, whether you can get a replacement without changing the whole cover I'm not sure. Just ditch the cover, your coil packs will thank you for running cooler.
  3. Straight pipes -> problem solved
  4. Buy over build easy, if you're looking at it from a financial perspective. Actually, buy mine http://bitly.com/4doorad
  5. Also WD40 all your exhaust hangers just to be sure
  6. Almost a mission impossible, so many possible causes. We were just chasing a weird squeak on my car after replacing the engine, sounded like a frog pond?! It turned out to be a heater hose clamp scuffing the firewall, doh. Another thing that drove me nuts back in the day was a clear clunk when braking, which turned out to be aftermarket castor rod bush ID not matching the OEM bolt OD. Pro tip: Measure the bush ID of all suspension parts before throwing them in to make sure that it matches the original. Also anything with a rose joint (i.e. most aftermarket suspension parts) will be noisy, compared to an OEM rubber bush. And let's not even start on the mechanical diff...
  7. Of all the possible things they steal your cluster?! Pr___s! I hope you get it back & they didn't damage too many other things. Unbelievable.
  8. How much are you budgeting for the conversion? I'd hazard a guess that it won't be far off the GTT vs GT price differential, especially since you're likely to need a gearbox too. The GT manual box at least is a lot weaker than the GTT box and won't be able to take the power. You'll also need to rejig your exhaust, possibly intake, and get an intercooler from somewhere. Then you're up for upgrading your undersized GT brakes, swaybars, and so on. IMHO it's just not worth it, even if you're DIY'ing everything. Ask @Kinkstaah he should be able to talk you out of it. Edit: I've just checked Carsales for you, cheapest GT (sedan) is 6.5k and GTT is 8k. There's no way whatsoever to be able to convert GT to GTT for 1.5k. Just sell your GT and spend a bit of time looking for the right GTT (perhaps something like mine?)
  9. $100 if you come and pick it this weekend or next week, I need the space back. I will even leave the sump and oil pick up on for you, so it should be good for those, crank, rods, engine mount brackets and perhaps the oil pump. Neo goodness cheap cheap!
  10. The car has just had a replacement Neo engine installed, which is being run in, with about 129k on it. I have excluded some parts from the sale and adjusted the reference price to $22,900. Reasonable offers are welcome. An updated version of the full ad is here: http://bit.ly/4doorad – Photos: http://bit.ly/4doorpics
  11. Two mates daily their Evo X's with no issues, one is tracked very regularly too. It's certainly a lot more modern platform than my R34.
  12. ^^^ Uber self-driving bots getting out of control?