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  1. 19 inch lenso rims in Bronze colour to fit pcd 5 x 114.3 \not exact on offset although they where on r33 gts-t they are in okay condition. few scratches and a bit of gutter rash on one wheel. tyres are for the tip although you could use them for a few months if needed.The one in the pick is the worst one. ( no wires coming through.) Will sell for $400 Pick up in Melbourne West. No posting or delivery Nick - 0404099310 any questions welcome.
  2. no it has a proper vin number i know what it is. Vic roads say they have record of the car, but they say it needs a vin number on the chassis. anyway who knows ?
  3. yeah the police might have it on their records that the compliance plates where stolen . they know i did have a white skyline coupe registered. can't they just look it up under my name and see that it is the same car. i'm desperate i know !
  4. i have a skyline r33 gts - t. The car was stolen and the compliance plates where pinched. They took all three of them so it has none. Vic roads says i can't get them replaced. . Another issue is that the car has had a new motor put in in it. ( still an RB25det) . So the engine numbers don't match either. This would not be a huge problem however i let the car become unregistered and now i want to re -register it. I notified the police and vic roads when it was stolen i told them the compliance plates where missing. have i got any chance of registering this car . thanks any help would be great.
  5. is the car complianced and is it a stat write off and how much for bare shell plus whatever is left over yuou can't sell. prefer to get with sun roof as this would be a c*nt to get in melb
  6. why are you selling them . i am in melbourne does price get better if i can pick them up
  7. hi is the car complianced or is it a write off as might be interested in what you have left over after it has been wrecked , ie body thanks will still b e interested in 6 months if it takes that long nick - 0404099310
  8. have been doing some more research on this. I have decided it is going to be way to expensive to do. I really love this car but i doubt i can afford it. I have decided to buy an AW11 mr2. know what your thinking thats totally different, but i decided not to waste any more money on cars. i can get a aw11 for about $5000 - $7000 and they are a different original type of car. thanks for all the suggestions that have helped me make my decision
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