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  1. Actually read some where that a number of the school shootings had issues with over the counter prescription drugs.
  2. 1. The advertisement for that was the greatest thing i have ever seen. In regards to my comment regarding full or semi auto, so many people get the distinction wrong with the AR15. Including american media. 2. Either way I bet people start running and panicking. But the argument for gun control in America isn't as simple as this argument. I bet for the average joe blow, they would do more damage with a pistol then a pump action shot gun. 3. I think where you would see the most gun benefit for gun control advocates would be in school yard shootings and bastards like the bloke who shot the black teenager and claimed the stand my ground defense. Otherwise it still isn't as simple as you are making it out to be. To smuggle into Australia isn't impossible (just look at drugs coming in) but it is much more difficult to achieve then America 4. I was more saying one of the NRA's big claims is if you take away good civillians guns, it leaves the bad guys with the guns and then they have no means to protect themselves with. Again out here we don't hear about when the good civies defend themselves against a legit attacker with a gun because its not popular news. Actually my view on this is and take the Orlando shooting for example. Lets say the terrorist walks in opens fire. Now lets say 10 people in the club are strapped and actually know how to react appropriately by seeking cover and drawing their weapon and scanning for the threat. What are the chances that of those 10 people, they open fire on each other when the domino effect of shooting begins? 5. Again, you can say i'd prefer to take on someone with a knife rather then a gun, chances are you still wind up dead. Take a terrorist, how long does it take for them to figure out that their SUV can be used as a crowed plow and kill just as many people in the middle of the street. If that was to happen do you then take SUV's off people? We are talking minority ruining it for the majority here. Like the lockout laws in Sydney (not sure if they are in Melbourne or not), thousands go out every night of the week, a few people die from a 1 punch knock out, now there are new laws in place making it harder to get into venues and impossible at certain times. It has closed a lot of businesses and had flow on effects. My point on number 5 is, look towards the actual problem, not a band aide solution, similar to Australians problems with drinking among young people. The gun culture is so strong for Americans because its a constitutional right for them. It's a slippery slope when you start to take away peoples rights. I think they could make some changes which would make it harder to obtain guns however. They also seem to have a fear that they will have to over throw the government again one day.........
  3. you know the AR15 is not fully automatic right? Plenty of people get that wrong. you also know that the majority of gun related deaths in America are done with a small caliber hand gun as well right? another point, a lot of the mass shootings are performed by people who have purchased the weapons illegally? also you do know there have been a number of good civilians who have shot armed robbers etc and is nearly regular, hence the gun lobbys argument against taking away guns and leaving people unable to protect themselves? finally you also know that there are other countries in the world with similar gun laws to America but without the "mass" shootings? Also among some of the mass shootings which we don't hear about over here, a number have been gang related. there are merits to both sides of the argument.
  4. what are your thoughts on sugar consumption? studies are starting to show that sugar addiction is as high as a lot of illicit drugs and cause just as much damage to ones health and well being (if not more). Also tied in to the worlds largest killer - heart disease.
  5. so doesnt control things like diet, sleep, food, genes, etc what about actual intake? do they watch and study these people like lab mice or is it just "how much do you do?" I understand that everything cant be controlled but I am always a little skeptical to how good their data can possibly be due to people lieing and the differences in people.
  6. are these studies conducted whilst pregnant or prior to falling pregnant? Similar to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? also how do they really control these studies? (i have no idea so some extra knowledge would be nice here)
  7. The traffic issues are a continuation. I have heard from various podcasts but can't find any statistics (havent really looked) that even minor accidents from people under the influence is down. There are still laws governing possession in Colorado. It is not a free for all. One thing that you have to remember in America is that possession laws are very very different then in Australia. You can and do get arrested and prosecuted for having a pill or two. Since passing these laws it has significantly eased issues with the prison system over there. Of which they have massive problems. Yes, who would have thought that creating a new industry would bring economic benefit and would be good for a state. Has meant that they have been able to put in better trained health councilors into schools, i believe opened up some schools and various other benefits. But hell that is evil. It is also been shown to kill cancer cells and the number one lobbyist against using cannabis to research or treat cancer is big pharma companies. Wonder why that is? I'll give you a hint $$ Hemp is also a massive industry which produces a product that is one of the absolute best in the world. Easy to grow, doesn't require pesticides and shit which does damage to the environment, is strong as f**k, etc. Yet its illegal. There are a number of theories as to why this is, many surrounding racism and tree loggers. You should come down from your high horse and actually live in the real world. Weed is not this terrible drug that will ruin your life just because you smoke it. You arent going to get a girl pregnant from smoking, you can still get a job and be functional (to various degrees). It is a drug that has very little harmful side effects, people are going to smoke it and buy it. May as well make it legal. Hell prescription drugs have more addicts then illegal drugs and kill more people world wide then illegal drugs. Should they all be banned? yet, on the body, grog has more negative effects. As you have said, we all know functional alcoholics and stoners, some handle it better then the other. Yet you can actually die from alcohol poisoning, no recorded deaths from smoking too much weed. Again, some podcasts have also mentioned that things like domestic violence is down since the legalization of weed in Colorado. But I haven't really done much research to back that up. The last part isn't entirely true. There is some evidence to say gate way drug, but there is also some that debunk it. Different psychologist claim different view points here. I have in the past used most drugs, my first wasn't weed. My favorite was weed. Also the second part, I have heard in places like Amsterdam you can buy different grades of weed, which are stronger and have a different high at different times. Haven't google'd recently but from memory most locals view it as a pretty loserish act, a bit like smoking cigarettes these days.
  8. some stats surrounding the effect of legalization of marijuana in Colorado https://www.drugpolicy.org/sites/default/files/Colorado_Marijuana_Legalization_One_Year_Status_Report.pdf
  9. are you doing crossfit as well now???
  10. kid has mental problems. Similar to that of an anorexic teen. I am not against juice as a rule, but he is a little young. Kid is still growing, who knows what it could do to his health so much this. I also lol'd at the black guy saying he didnt know the kid was 15 when they started training and that he doesnt juice. I'd wager he the one supplying the kid with it
  11. drug cartel's already sell most other drugs, but taking one product off the market for them will hurt profits. not like their pot head customers who can no longer buy from them are going to go "oh well, no weed bro? give me some crack" Also in Colorado you can get different strands of weed that give slightly different highs and taste different. http://www.thecannabist.co/2014/05/27/25-top-marijuana-favorite-strains/12408/
  12. It was more of a related death from memory. Im at work and on my phone so cant really link atm. I did a quick google of related deaths and everything i read was kinda weak.
  13. Stoned driving would increase but give people choice to use a drug that really is mostly harmless
  14. would prefer a stoned driver to a drunk driver for the most part. In the case of danger to ones self, there are very very few registered deaths of weed overdoses. There are plenty of deaths due to alcohol poisoning. Also if you look at countries like Amsterdam, weed just becomes another part of life that is barely looked at and not considered cool or anything.
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