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  1. Focal Studios Melbourne, inner east, northern and inner west suburbs. Specialise in portrait and automotive photography. Commercial and private clients welcome. [email protected] Contact for quote.
  2. Sorry, it was my mistake, I do not have any filters for the 14-24, I over-simplified that line. The 14-24 is an awesome lens that I probably use more often than the 50mm. It's impractical to use a polarization filter on a lens this wide. At 14mm on a full frame sensor, there will be a significant part of the frame that isn't getting polarized, due to the wide angle of the incoming light. This leads to an obvious colour difference when shooting a landscape (Particularly in the sky). Normally when I'm indoors or shooting the inside of elaborate buildings, I use the 14-24. When I'm just taking 'normal' or very low light shots I use the 50mm. The 70mm-200mm VR2 is great for shooting stage productions or for portraits. The f/2.8 really knocks out the background and the Bokeh is fantastic (It's also great on the 50mm). This is a heavy bastard and I only take it when I know I'm going to use it. Not having the focal length between the 25mm - 49mm and 51mm - 69mm isn't a problem. Just take a few steps back or forward to get the composition you need. The sharpness of the 50mm for outweighs the practicality or a bigger, heavier, softer lens. It all fits into the Lowepro backpack, and I even manage to fit in an Acer laptop, Sony camcorder, all the wires, charges and transfer cables, spare batteries and memory cards.
  3. Hi everyone. Camera: Nikon D700 (Around $3,500) Lenses: Nikon 50mm f/1.4 G (Around $800) Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 ED A (Around $2,500) Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR2 (Around $3,500) Filters: Polarising For all the above UV For all the above Flash: 2 x SB900 MISC: 12mm, 20mm & 36mm Extension tubes Lowepro Fastpack 220(?) Camera bag Spider 3 studio SR (Colour management) Programs: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Photomatix Pro What can I say? The Nikon is the best low light camera I have ever used. When you couple it with the 50mm f/1.4 you can shoot in any situation without the need for a flash! The ultra wide angle of the 14-24 on the full frame sensor give outstanding photos without any chromatic aberration. ISO 6400 is the highest recommended gain setting, with only marginal visible noise. I have attached some happy snaps taken with the camera and not included any studio work.
  4. My girlfriend and I are going on a holiday to Tasmania and I told her I want to take the car because I heard that there are some great driving roads to explore. Does anyone have any ideas on which roads I should take a drive on?
  5. thegoobie

    3d Art

    Quick render of the Bugatti Veyron. Not quite finished yet, but it gives you an idea of where i'm headed.
  6. impressive work Naga! I've never been much of a modeler, as most of my knowledge is in shading, textures and lighting. Any chance I can grab the file you imported into max so I can do a bit of texture/ lighting work on it? See what I can make of it?
  7. Do you have any higher res. photos I can use?
  8. I've done a bit of work in 3dSMax, and modeling a car isn't easy. The basic run down is that you need an orthogonal projection of the car. Basically, once you have a front, side rear and top view of the car, you'll need to split each eamage and apply it onto a plane/ box primative of the same proportions. For example, if your side elevation view is 600px tall x 1300px wide then you'd make a plane 600units tall by 1300units wide and apply the image to it as a material. I don't have too much time to go into too much more detail now, but I'll try and get another reply to you later on today.
  9. Original and new Mods: Colour Bigger intercooler Bigger side vents Tint Lowered
  10. this image got my attention... Thanks to Noobs for life for the original
  11. Here is one I made a while ago. Posted it in another thread... no real replies. Still not happy with the wheels or the colour... still working on it.
  12. still a work in progress... what else do you think I should add? I was thinking a No2 Purge...
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