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  1. sweet as mate , will be good still to see what she is doin,and meet some other enthusiasts!! im pretty sure my chip has been remapped so it will be nice to find out what s actually goin on in there ! keen as mustard eh ! see ya there ! im sportin a 33 with two little aussie flags on my back window... aight later lads .. mike
  2. Count me in, ill be heading up wif graham an our twins ! can someone bring a stock s2 r33 turbo with them, theres a good chance ill get way to excited and blow mine up again, might have to put a childproof lock on my boost controller !!! also if my computer air fuel mixes etc are out of wack will i be able to have that sorted on the day ?? first dyno run + a dog to play with & group orgy , sounds like a cracker of a day to me !! .... V keen !! gettin lotsa waves out there lately too , love the comradery !! i feel like a motorcyclist !
  3. Firstly id like to extend my utmost thanks to Graham (Rio) for his stellar effort helping perform open heart surgery on my critically injured R33... After hours of inspecting the turbo under a microscope with Lab coats on we came to the conclusion that i may possibly need some sort of High Quality Glue or Putty (whichever works best) probably the putty ! to repair what seems to be a minor problem !! see photo below... It seems that the exhaust wheel felt like leaving its Black gum coated residence and taking a small journey (along with its 1 million particles) down to visit the cat ! If anyone out there knows a good glue/putty please let me know ! Why this has happened we dont know !! i doubt it has anything to do with the 14 psi i was pushing through there as i started a mountain climb last saturday.... so for sale i have 1 x High Flowed Turbo !! comes with free internal resin coating. regardless after all is said and done i have now been inducted into the BACKYARD OF PERFORMANCE as apprentice turbo inspector/Head Mechanic, and to boot i have a shitload more knowledge then i did 4 days ago .... so to all of ya who helped me out on this one .... double thumbs up and thanks a million.... the update is My 33 now has a new turbo installed by myself and Big Graham and is back on the road where she belongs... Thanks a million Graham < (Legend)
  4. have to say a huge thanks to you guys eh for all the help ive recieved here ... excellent forum, some good people here .. makes me love my sky even more knowing there is such a big following behind them... that manual is very good .. big thanks lads .. big big thanks indeed .. regards mike
  5. if i can rustle up some tools i might have a crack at it but im lacking tools, space and proper knowledge so i may have to tow her home and take her down my buddies workshop.. unless i can turn up someone here in batemans bay with the know how , ill provide the part... gotta wait till tomorrow to see whos open down here ... and if they can help me source a part for a not so astronomical price just so i can get home....
  6. Hi guys , just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction... blown my turbo up... 85% sure of that ... its stock as far as i know .. i need to replace it but wouldnt mind goin a bit higher in Hp if i can without having to do any other major work... what are my options here ?? and what is the standard Horsepower of a R33 running say 12psi on a standard turbo... with 3.5 straight through exhaust, FMIC, POD filter , remapped computer chip, basically i want to be able to bolt on a new turbo with no fuss and possibly gain some horsepower without straining the setup to much.. any ideas ?? thx in advance mike
  7. the other thing i noticed is that the huge sound of air being sucked into the pod filter is pretty much gone now ??? turbo related ? also i ran the car for a minute with the radiator cap off and nothing unusaul was happening .....admittedly im not 100 per cent sure what i was watching out for either.. also ..the smoke smell out the exhaust is kinda sour i guess ... not sweet , not to my nose anyway !
  8. yeah i did smell it .. that was one thing the nrma guy and his mate reckoned . they go yep thats burning oil smell .. ill sniff it again and double check ... wouild the radiator bubble if my HG has gone?
  9. hey lads 4 now i think ill have to run with a stock o . consider the s2 u have in the shed sold ... will probably need it couriered to the bay too .. give me your number and ill call u asap. cheers mike
  10. hey guys check these pics and tell us wat u reckon.. thinkin your on the money simon .. be rare to blow a head gasket and turbo at the same time ?? i hope so !! geez id be so upset if both of em are screwed !! anyway heres the pics... sorry if they r a bit big .. if i run the car with the radiator cap off what am i looking for in regards to a blown HG .. bubbles ??
  11. yeah hey id love to get it home to do the work as im sure there would be someone out there who would come point me in the right direction , but in saying that i have to wait till tomorrow to go see a local fella here who is supposedly pretty good with performace setups of the turbo nature , but yeah i hear what your saying devils ... maybe i should just upgrade my nrma and get it towed home>?? worst holiday ending eva .. what are the symptoms of a blown head gasket?? but definately oil is clean and fresh as it was the day i changed it. ill check out my radiator coolant right now.. lost a little bit as i have a hairline fracture in the top of my radiator . plus it was freakin hot yesterday down here too.. so in my hastiness i cracked the cap too early and lost a bit out the top then...
  12. radiator coolant was a little off colour not sure if this was because it was kind of old and dirty or i will look into right now .....also is the outcome of a blown head gasket , oil leaking into my water in the radiator?? would it be running so smoothly if the head had blown ?? power is not to much of an issue id be happy to have it back as it was .. a mildly tuned street car that i use for long drives and comfortable cruising.
  13. yeah im screwed ! left my tools at home to minimize weight in my car on the trip.. never thought she would fail me !! been such a solid car ! ah well only option i have now is to find a good mechanic down here who wont rip me off .. also i cant seem to find any info on what the exact part number for the standard r33 turbo is soi can start hunting some prices down ?.. any one know where i can find this out ?
  14. thanks a heap simon.. i am in two minds though about whether to leave it or to wait till tomorrow to get to a mechanic.. im pretty sure my turb has blown but not 100 per cent sure ? would preferably like to get it all out myself as i do most of my other work , minor work but still i like to do what i can.. what are my options here if my turb is screwed ?? would u reccomend a rebuild or get a whole new one ?? thx m8 mike
  15. hey guys looki im stuck and need to get my turbo off and fixed or replaced... thing is ive never taken one off before... im pretty sure its my turbo thats gone as i was blowing bucketloads of white smoke and the tone of my exhaust has changed somewhat.. just need some info as to how hard it is to take the thing off and if anyone has blown there turb up and knows what the symptoms are.. r33 gtst 96 m spec series 2 oil levels are fine no discolouration water levels are fine engine idles nicely no taps or knocks big amount of white smoke pours out exhaust when accelerateing under load or even just when turb comes on a little .. . havent drove it just drove it back to a roadhouse as i was out of mobile signal range and this is all i have to go on.. nrma were absolutely useless , the guy had no idea dont think he d even seen a skyline engine before ?? if someone out there can help me out here or even give me a call 0401 426 924 im just wondering if i should try get the turbo out myself so i can take it to a shop for a rebuild or should i try get my car home to sydney and get it fixed there ??? turbo has done at least 123,000 ks . i am handy with a spanner but this is new to me .. always owned commodores up till 18 months ago when i bought my sky ... ta mike 0401 426 924
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