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  1. from my understanding its not the pump that turns on and off its basically the system checking it has enuf pressure in the system.,..... it needs to keep a constant pressure so if the attesa does need to engage it can straight away mine drew alot of power when it clicked... lights would dim my subs would cut out.... not good.... mine will click every 5-10 mins now which is acceptable... well apparently
  2. omg i am so so sorry not long after i got it all fixed i lost my licence... so in order not to be tempted i havent even looked at the forums she is alll fixed they replaced the accumulator and she clicks every now and again but not every 2 damn secs....... was a costly repair as they had to dismantle the sub frame just to get to it all and a ruff price on the part was about 1600.00 staff price for me from nissan in ossy park.... so trade prie would have been more IM SO GLAD IT GOT DONE UNDER WARRANTY!!!!!!!! THANKS DVG.............
  3. im def thinkin the 2nd weekend in march so sat the 7th or sun the 8th
  4. Well if your only round the corner why havent i seen ya around??? lol ya cant miss her have a massive SRH decal on the back window now... eheh
  5. well then peeps lets make this happen hey be good to see all you other perth stag lovers hey!!!!!!! was thinking of maybe ending up back at mine for a brew if ya all want lets see if i can freak my neighbors out by not only having one stag out the front but a whole heap eheheheheheheheheheh................... ow and unique 1 did ya mate say a hot chick drivin a stag or what lol lol lol lol
  6. Yeah thats me.... Mullaloo actually. Tell ya mate to beep and wave next time lol..... Def need to organize this cruise charlie.... gimme a call and ill see if i can come up with some ideas for a map.......
  7. Like i said before chuckie if its after the 18th of feb i will have a license and i will be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd weekend in march is good for me tho....... should give me time to get the new rotors and discs on.. the last thing i want to do take her out on a long run and have my brakes play up... and no yanchep is no longer smokey!!!! lol
  8. if you can find out how much they weigh i can call the freight company we use at work and if it isnt going to be too much ill take em.
  9. hopefully ill be there!!! wont be driving my own car tho.... with the whole no license thing
  10. if it was under the erindale road bridge south bound that was me lol.... was waiting for my mate.. we were heading out for a cruise and i didnt know where we were heading... real smart hey..
  11. next weekend is no good....... wont have a license next weekend loose it on monday.. so there has to be a cruise on this weekend cause i wont be able to drive for 6 months.....
  12. haha, look at me, im using elle's account... hi guys... yeah hurry up and give us a date bro... well not that kinda date, but... well you know what i mean... aagghh.... Guy
  13. spotted silver s1 tuing left from ocean reef road onto marmion ave sunday arvo about 4.30.....by the time i got thru the traffic to try and catch up u were gone.....
  14. good stuff cheers for that.. ill fix it up no worries..... my baby looks so much better now needs a good wash tho.. see u tonight
  15. well myself and my freshly lowered stagea will be there for sure!!!!!!
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