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  1. You might need some viagra as you are are massive cock!!!

  2. This is wrapping up in a couple of weeks, so i am asking for some help in boosting my slim chances of winning this. When i became a finalist there were only 10 of us, now there are 100 and alot of v8s. Thanks to everyone who has voted and keep them coming a little longer please.
  3. I woulnt use anything else on my showcar, the results are awesome. Meguiars just keep on gettin better and better. The main thing i found with the wax is not only the super shine, but that the repelling of dust. it just looks cleaner and is easier to clean after using.
  4. Keep the votes comin please. Heres my main photo. My engine photo And my interior photo used Thanks for everyones support
  5. :laughing-smiley-014: :laughing-smiley-014: :laughing-smiley-014:
  6. Thanks guys for all the support. Ive got my fingers crossed. $15000 will go a long way with all my plans.
  7. Ive recently returned to the zoo weekly car of the year 08 site after placing my car in the running around 3 months ago to find out to my amazement im currently a finnalist. Even though its not a skyline, im asking for some help in winning $15000 in mods for first place. (It is a Nissan though) You can vote as many times as you like, and it would be greatly appreciated if you can boost my chances of winning. The link is: http://realcars.zooweekly.com.au/Finalists.aspx Cheers and
  8. Thanks stoker Travis heres your photo of dyno day and dyno graphs.
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