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  1. Thanks. Too small for what? Bear in mind initial set up is 7psi and 350hp. Turbo is gong to cost very little so it’s probably a good place to start unless it’s stuffed or really inappropriate for the application. There is also the issue of packaging as there is not a whole heap of space at the back of the Porsche engine with the rear bar, engine tinware and rear engine mount all conspiring against you. All of that said I’ll def look into the turbos you suggested and thanks for your input.
  2. Thanks mate. There is a well trodden route for turboing an NA Porsche 3.2l flat 6. Turbo, injectors and programable ECU, and other obvious items. Just needed a steer on turbo brands and where to get them. I visited Tao on Friday and a mate dug this old Greddy unit up for me so there are a few options.
  3. I'm tubrocharging an NA Porsche 3.2 Carrera and need to source a turbo for it. Second hand, rebuilt, I don't mind as long as it does the job and isn't drug money. Specs are: T3 inlet, Vband outlet, ball bearing, A/R 0.82, 350 - 500 hp, external gate I'll take recommendations on brand as well as I'm relatively unfamiliar with turbo brands outside of Garrett. I'm in Vic so that's a preference. Cheers.
  4. Yee-ha. Funny things to drive. They do not turn unless under brakes or NO throttle. But once you get the tail wagging they turn well. Was a smaller shorter track than I expected and was over in a couple of hours but given it was a special occasion was worth it overall.
  5. Thanks fellas. I've booked the buggies at Colo Park. Great suggestion.
  6. G'day guys, Nick here from south of the border. I've got a work colleague in Sydney and he's clocking up 10 years of service soon and I want to organise something for him along the lines of a motorsport experience. He's got a late model Golf R and does regular trackdays, so is going to need something a little better than if he was a total noob to this kind of thing. I thought that Formula Ford would be good as (if you've driven one before you'll know) they're quite different to saloon cars. http://www.sydneymotorsportpark.com.au/experiences/formulaford/ What other ideas are there that are good in NSW? Be great if you've had first hand experience as often things aren't as they appear to be on the internet. Have a good weekend all.
  7. LotusGTR


    Actually, got these but I'm still looking for a road solution. Been told the MG guys go for Dents gloves..... Golf glove makes sense as grippy leather, soft, and designed to be tight across the palm with the hand clenched similar to the grip on a steering wheel. Will investigate further
  8. LotusGTR


    I have a new alcantara wheel and want to know what gloves might suit. Car is driven mostly on club sprint days and I'm not a massive fan of either the full blown logo'ed up 'race car driver' gloves or the Alan Partridge string back gloves look. I do not wear a race suit. I would consider them for the road as have darkest legal tint. So what choice for the gentleman racer? Being serious I want grip comfort and to protect my beautiful wank wheel from wear. Many thanks.
  9. Car is in AUS, so not importing but I suspect the people with the right knowledge will be in this forum. As the title suggests, I've got a copy of the de-reg certificate and it supports the klms on the car. Is there any need to get a JOC check done? Is it possible fake a de-reg certificate? I've only seen a jpg that has been emailed to me. Many thanks.
  10. Well for the sake of conversation humour me and assume both are catered for. I think if you're selective and look out for second hand parts as well as new then it's may not be that bad. The original question was what spares do you need to start accumulating that will dry up as time goes by. I'd guess a bonnet and front guards among many others. Also little bit's and bobs. Let's have
  11. So they're getting old now, and some parts are becoming hard to find and will become harder as time goes by. If you're going to keep your older Nissan what parts should you start collecting while you can? Things like suspension, clutches, brakes etc are all readily available after market, but quarter windows, window trims, rubbers, etc need to be from Nissan or off another car if you can find one that isn't as shagged as the part you took off yours. So, what is a good list of things to start collecting?
  12. Could you please check BNR32-310492. Many thanks.
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