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  1. As the title says.. Preferred if in syd Thanks !
  2. Found the problem... Finally got around to pulling the bumper and cooler off to find out there was a huge split in the standard cooler piping, right underneath the pod filter hence why the sound was coming from the pod even though I blocked the bov. Now time for some boost
  3. Look guys regardless what bov I use .. Even if I block it off it's still making a bov sound when it should be fluttering and just wanted to find out why
  4. I'll try and upload a video tomorrow if I have time. Worse comes to worse stock bov back in.
  5. Doesn't feel dead or on it's way out? Minimal shaft play running stock boost, no smoke or oil burning. just wanting something different.. driving the car 2 hours a day the same sounds gets boring lol Also running map sensor (microtech ecu) so doesn't stall like the guys running afms
  6. Today I decided to swap my standard bov on my r33 to a greddy type s and found a dilemma.. The greddy type s is ment to have a loud laser sound that was achieved on my other turbo cars (r32,33x2) The laser sound was a bit quiet and could still hear the "woosh" that the standard bov made out of the pod even though it's Not re-circulated back the the turbo intake.. So I decided to block the bov outlet with my hand, expecting to here compresser surge (fluttering) but to my shock could still hear the woosh out of the pod filter. I scoped out the intake pipe and looks all good.. Why is it doing this ??!
  7. Hey all Looking for a r33 s1 nismo front grill Found some on nengun but they want quadruple the price to have it landed here Can swap for my grill plus cash on top 0402362885
  8. As title states Will pay for postage , or swap plus $$ on top Nismo grill (wanted) Swaps for mine Thanks ! Pm or 0402 362 eight eight five
  9. Have a look at GKTech's sr fan. They make a sr to rb converter for it. http://www.gktech.com/index.php/s13-s14-s15-replacement-engine-fan-60-more-air-flow.html Going to give it a go when I get some time off
  10. I tried searching but couldn't find what I was after, I found two wires next to the rear fuse box in my r33 gtst have been re directed into the front. It has an aftermarket ecu (microtech) havnt yet traced the wire as I have to pull apart the interior. The 2 pink/black cables Thee both directing to Thanks !!
  11. Just a comparison between GTR and gtst cradle Pump size difference
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