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  1. WTB: R200 Diff backlash adjustment shims Hi all, Rebuilding my diff and need some shims to reduce the amount of backlash. Will try nissan spare parts tomorrow, but maybe someone has a collection? Shims needed are 2.60, 2.65 and 2.15, but I would be happy if you had one or all sizes. BTW> these arent the shims used to lock the diff, these are the big metal rings that go next to the diff bearings (like the pic). Pickup in VIC or will pay for express ship. thnx. Adrian.,
  2. If u find the MFD, I can help with the looms.. I have a few sets of plugs here
  3. I thought all -7 & -9 had front covers with a/r 60 stamped, and that little rectangle casting. These look like standard r34 gtr turbos (ceramic) to me
  4. offer of $100 delivered for 4x 34 gtr centre caps still on table
  5. i will have some 260/260 type b poncams coming out of my engine in about 2 weeks. used total for 8,000kms. changing direction of build. will be asking $450, pickup in melb
  6. I I think that's the same guy in SA who retrimmed my 32 gtr steering wheel. Did a good job, black leather with red stitching. Guys on the Lexus forums love him.
  7. Great to see, I work there every year and on!y see the Nissan owners club cars which are pretty average. Can't wait to see some clean and/or full-on skylines / gtrs. Would put my name in, but I would want to see skylines in the SAU stand, not my s14-gtr cross
  8. Pull Crank angle sensor (CAS) plug. This cuts both fuel and spark
  9. I looked into this before and it seems the first number may indicate the year (circa 97' block), and the R indicates rebuilt / replacement block fitted.
  10. We use toll ipec at work for everything... Utterly useless. Stock arrives tipped over, smashed and sometime doesn't get here at all. But because we have an account manager, and ship a cubic fkload with them, most claims get approved.
  11. ^ correct, you need r32/33 cas and to repin the connector to make it work. I would be interested, but broke as after Christmas. If you come down in $$, then let me know (+ ship to Melbourne)
  12. I they did limited runs in Hyper Blue for WRX, WRX Sti and BRZ- I think its limited to 250 of each in Oz.
  13. Father-in-law bought the 2015 Premium in Hyper Blue / Black Rims. Looks nuts, but agree with the clutch... for some reason I prefer the twin plate in traffic.
  14. I'll take a s14 kouki / series 2 cooling panel It's the garage defend style full length,yeah?
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