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  1. From memory, the improved oil pump drive collar was either done on the later model R32 GTR's or in the RB26 on the R33 GTR's It only failed with high power applications but if you running for street, low to mid power, you will be good Unless you do a full rebuild, you would install the improved oil pump drive collar
  2. I have the R32 GTS-T Rear Pods on my GTR, fits nice
  3. I always wanted Black but when I saw Grey, that colour is now number one for me
  4. TH1 = Dark Blue Pearl I just saw your thread, you would have seen TH1 in real life as that's what colour your car was / is LOL! https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/471403-your-favorite-r32-color/
  5. Front Bar and Side Skirts are R33 GTR Nismo 400R copies D-Max Front Fenders / Rear Fenders look stock Spoiler is R33 GTR Bonnet looks to be Seibon Rear Bar looks custom / copy of something else
  6. R32 GTR - Nissan Sumitomo F: 296 x 32 R: 297 x 18 R32 V-Spec / V-Spec II / R33 GTR / V-Spec - Brembo F: 324 x 30 R: 300 x 22 R34 GTR - Brembo F: 324 x 30 R: 300 x 22 R34 N1 - Brembo F: 324 x 30 R: 322 x 22 From memory, the R34 GTR V-Spec's had larger rear rotors but according to my chart, only the R34 GTR N1's had larger rear rotors
  7. Haha! Nah, was just wondering, hopefully next time
  8. +1 At first I thought it was a Honda Legend but after a bit of research, it's a Honda Vigor Were you in the R33? LOL!
  9. I would go 2017 model The slight changes make quite a difference and looks more aggressive compared to the previous models
  10. Just out of interest Christian, will Signature Pics be available again? Thanks
  11. Yeah, sounds about right for that power figure
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