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  1. Hi Guys , Whats the latest recommend alarm/immobilization system for Skylines. Cheers
  2. WTB A complete GTR fuel tank and straps Im located in Newcastle NSW Cheers
  3. Quality post , thanks for taking the time to video the process
  4. Its a shame no one in Australia makes these adapter brackets
  5. How did this turn out? Any updates?
  6. WTB R32 GTST Looking for a R32 GTST Prefer located in NSW if not im willing to travel Will consider any R32 but must be able to be regod in NSW Cheers Mick
  7. Hi guys , Back into a skyline this time a R34 GTT , so i'm chasing R34 GTR bumpers and any bodyparts you may know of for sale. wings mfd ect... Genuine buyer located Newcastle NSW Cheers Mick
  8. Hi , Im chasing a set of AutoStrada Modena 3pc wheels in 17'' or larger To suit an R32 gtst cheers Mick Located in Newcastle NSW
  9. Decided to buy myself a present Mint S2 RB25 Perfect turbo to go with it HKS 30/37 Pro S .87 rear housing internal gate old turbo on the 20 hks25/35 double the hp awesome wgate design should flow well nice dumpsetup and clutch im running installed SARD 550 injectors thought if im going to do it ill do it properly and bought my self a r33 gearbox and got a custom tailshaft made up installed and wired it up myself got it running took it to DVS JEZ to get the dumpipe modded and External Msd switch wired up then tuned , was asked what results id be happy with and my reply was 260rwkw or 350rwhp . now i knew this turbo had produced some good numbers from the previous owner 350ishrwkw forged RB25 E85 Fingers crossed HI BOOST VS LOW BOOST RB20 VS RB25 Huge difference it went well with the rb20 ! Cheers DVS TUNING (JEZ) fitted a roof lip and led taillights some sweet sideskirts Hicas lock bar Camber arms removed paint off rims and gave a quick polish Goes hard lights up 3rd no worries ITS A BEAST looks like a gtr here At the moment there is a huge defect blitz in newcastle ''Operation hammer '' so im trying to run under the radar sleeper spec what do you think? gtr lip off sideskirts off pods off all stickers off stockies with big tyres airbox Time for a drive ......
  10. Ok so i fitted up some parts dumped it and maxxed out the tein coilovers Crusing down the road spot an unmarked hwy was about 1 mins from my house and got pulled up in my driveway and got defected for wheels to wide , sticking outside the guards too low exhaust and airbox somthing diff
  11. I Use 7/11 98 octane as its close to my house and the servo is only 2years old currently makine 411rwhp
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