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  1. did Anyone See that Crash on The Freeway around 4pm on Thursday near Hepburn ave?.. i Saw a Brand New white Gtr totally smashed up on the top of a tow truck. looked like someone rear ended it... hope they had insurance!
  2. hahaha u can see he had his window down arm leaned out. he thought he was the Sikest C*** out..
  3. driving on Mitchell fwy on the way to work....
  4. also id be checking the fuse box if u didnt blow a fuse while you were working on it
  5. mulitmeter is a device that checks voltage Ac Dc, ohms (resistance) and other things. if you got money to fork out go dicksmiths they should have an cheap-O one. but if its only a plug like two wires going into it, you could do the dodgy and cut it off both at the male and female of the plugs' and hard-wire it and solder it up and tape it.
  6. get a multimeter. put it on ohm range.. if u get a reading you should be fine.. if not then you have a break somewhere in the cable.
  7. cigarette lighter is a good tap in point if ur a novice dealing with electronics . basically there's three wires to the cigarette lighter ones ur ground normally black then u have ignition power that's connected to the lighter too. then theirs a separate wire going to a globe that lights up ur lighter in the dark. use that wire so u can illuminate your gauges. personally in my opinion. i would make a central junction under the steering wheel then only send two wires (lighting) to the lighter. that should solve ur " I was wiring them in they seemed to light up regardless of whether I had the key turned to ACC or not (wired to stereo power wire)." problem.
  8. easy to find out what color is what. just get a car battery put black onto neutral and try out the red and yellow. one of them u should get a volt reading and the other should be the light. The Good old Cigarette lighter could be a good tap in point. its got a ground as the black, ignition power , and a light source wire u could tap into to illuminate your gauge .
  9. for your unit Errno looks like + = ignition power P = ground L = To Indicator Switch.
  10. mate simplest way looking at it. the flasher unit is pretty much like a contact its Normally open. when current flows into the coil. it energizes it and through magnetism it closes the contact letting power through. u get a multimeter set it to ohm.. and find the contacts. u should get a reading between two pins. one u shouldnt because its a normally open circuit (it will only work when the flasher is energized. that pin goes to your indicator switch. the reason why your fuses are blowing is because u have ur indicator switch set as ground, so when the contacts closes it hits and there's a dead short. hope that helps
  11. ive done this today and it worked for me you pretty much have to take off the lower part of the dash to get access to the original flasher. its directly behind the knob u use to adjust the brightness of your dash. also if u have ur indicators on and touch the flasher u should feel the clicking it does. ive uploaded a picture on how it looks like.. next part is you want to get a L.E.D flashing unit.. ive also included a picture on how it looks like.. its the the Red one unfortunately its not a plug in & play. the pins are on the opposite sides to the orginal flasher and if u do plug it in and try it u may blow it the new L.E.D flasher u have to get a pick or a small needle and pick out female terminal pins in the plug that plugs into the flasher.. the new flasher (red) has small numbers on it near the male pins, Ive used a test light they equal this.. 31- Earth (ground) 49- Ignition Switch 49a- To Indicator switch match the female terminal pins up on the plug side and push them back in position. then plug the flasher in. All should work hope that helps
  12. yeah i kinda want it do it tommorw. know any stores open?
  13. anyone know the part number to a flasher unit. i have LEDs and lights are flashing rapidly. i bought a Navara type one but its the wrong one.. going to return it tommorw. tryed raising the wattage of my globes but they are the maximum they can go. 12v/21W on the rears. 12v/5w wedge type on the sides. problem is series II r33 front indicators globes are 12/16w on the stock bumper but as i changed my bumper and put small led lights it caused my problem.
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