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  1. Yea I know I a bumping a post from 10 years ago, and yes I am desperate; plus Beer Baron cannot receive PMs for some reason... Beer Baron... you would not happen to have that article handy anywhere would you...?
  2. Interesting. Award Diff and Gears @ Seven Hills does all my diff and gearbox work so if they are keeping up to date with what can and can't be done for replacing parts inside the Getrag then hopefully if (when) I break my gearbox they will have a solution for fixing it... I am running 600awkw through mine atm with an ATS twin, it is running without an issue atm but I always plan for breaking something. Everything else in the car is pretty much bullet proof for my application so I am just worried about the factory g/b even though they are known for being one of the strongest. If you don't mind keeping us posted on here on your progress?
  3. Did you hear anything about these Dan? They sound too good to be true...
  4. v-spec/non-v-spec or v-spec II ? There will be a fair price difference - v-spec/non-v-spec = aluminum and v-spec II = carbon fiber.
  5. Bugger - I need a kit with adapter plates for a BNR34 ....
  6. For Sale: Apexi Power FC, NON-d'jetro, NO hand controller - R34 GTR Location: Sydney (either Redfern or Kellyville) Post: at buyers expense Price: $500 firm + postage Condition: perfect, works just as it should Vehicle: it came out of my BNR34 (as you can see from the serial no.) I have no idea what other cars it can be used in, please do your research if it's not a BNR34 that you are buying it for. Reason: not required in my new build Also advertise elsewhere.
  7. That's Anthony's It's his daily, you will see him drive through there every day.
  8. I wouldn't mind attending if that last spot is still free.
  9. I think I will be upgrading my -7's for -9's for that exact reason (-5's being a little too laggy). 350awkw is my target and I'll be happy for a long time I think. Good luck with your build OP.
  10. Yea for me its the taking them in and out that is pain in the arse trying to do it in the engine apparently is a nightmare and the only other option is to take the engine out soooo rock and a hard place...
  11. That is very good to know, I like the idea of not running my turbo's anywhere near 100%
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