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  1. sent you a PM as well but I'm after the front reinforcement bar. I can pick up any weeknight this week.
  2. sorry mate 10's too low...willing to negotiate though..
  3. 1992 HCR32 Nissan Skyline GTS-t 5-Speed Manual, Black with factory sunroof 115,000km (serviced every 5,000) Air Con converted to the current environmentally friendly one. Dark tinted windows. 3 point immobiliser with tracking. rego until late March 07. Tracking until October 07 I think Mods: 3" turbo back exhaust (unsure of dump pipe but it's a GReddy Power Extreme II Catback) Blitz LM front mount intercooler A'PEXi S-AFC II (tuned by UAS) HKS Type-1 Turbo Timer Walbro intake fuel pump Blitz AC Racing Boost and EGT gauge Nismo damper adjustable shocks C's short shift kit Nismo GT shift knob A'PEXi front strut bar Tomei hicas locking kit HID's (proper ones with ballast/inverter, not a globe replacement) Dynamat sound deadened doors Focal Utopia splits 10" JL Audio 10W3D2 sub Audison SRx3 amp Pioneer DEH5550 source unit Optima D34M battery Stinger cabling and terminals Looking to sell by mid Feb as I'm going OS. $12K ono for everything including extras, and I may even have it professionally detailed if it sells soon... Contact Nathan on 0404 087 628 Extras: pair of R33 rims A'PEXi Power Intake pod filter Blitz DD blow off valve bilstein shocks whiteline springs front guards (ok condition)
  4. yeah I'm after a front bar for a R32 GTS-t. Preferrably black. In Sydney.
  5. doesn't look right to me...look at how the grill lines up with the headlights...
  6. located in Sydney. call me on 0404 087 628 or drop an email to nayfon at gmail dot com for details. I can also send some more pics. I'll take better ones on the weekend.
  7. Unfortunately the time has come for me to part ways with my R32, so it's on the market. (I've had the car for nearly 3 years). Black R32 GTS-t with factory sunroof (no leaks) 107,000kms (100K service done, serviced every 5,000) A/C has been converted recently to the new system. Standard 16x6.5 rims (no scratches). Dark tint (20%) Alarm (prefer not to say online) Interior is in fairly good nick for a car of this age Pioneer head deck Focal and JL Audio splits and sub Audison amp Stinger wiring, dynamat sound deadening, optima battery go fast bits include: Trust/GReddy Power Extreme II Cat back exhaust (3") 3" dump pipe to hiflow cat (brand unknown) Nismo shocks (damper adjustable) stock ride height. A'PEXi front strut bar Blitz FMIC A'PEXi Power Intake (pod filter) A'PEXi S-AFC2 (old version) Blitz AC Racing Gauges (boost and EGT) C's Short Shifter with aftermarket gearknob (Nismo or Momo) Walbro 250L p/h intake fuel pump Tomei HICAS lock (Car also has HIDs but I'm pondering whether or not to keep them). From the top of my head that's it, I'll post pics later tonight. Looking for offers around $14K (I'll throw in some extras if I get that price) Forgot to mention that rego is valid until Late March 2007
  8. I have a set of whiteline springs, make an offer
  9. I've got a pair of black r32 front guards (or quarter panels if you want to call them that). Need a bit of work, small dents near the front. Make an offer but $50 for both will do it
  10. just an update, H3C and H3 won't fit. I got the globe type wrong on my projector lamp as I was under the impression that all R32 projectors are H3C (as mentioned many times on SAU). It's not the case. Some projectors are H3 (ring around the projector), H3C (non ringed). Wiring wise you'll have no problem, but the issue is that the H3 globe doesn't fit in the H3C socket. Anyway, the HIDs are brilliant, a must have for those who drive a lot at night, especially R32 owners.
  11. I was parked up on Homebush Rd. The attempt was at 12:30PM. I'll have the car back tomorrow minus a few hundred $$$
  12. Yesterday I came back to my car to find that it had been broken into (no sign of forced entry). Ignition barrel was ripped out and broken. Fortunately nothing was stolen. Strange thing was that my club lock was still on the wheel... Thank God for monitoring alarms... For those who want to know I was parked on Homebush Rd in Strathfield, about 2 blocks from the train station.
  13. you can't retro fit HID's unless they're ADR approved... are these available in H3C (R32 projector)?? If so, I'm interested.
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