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  1. Thanks mate, I dont care if this was posted in the past or a cut & paste. The point is it is a great guide for those unsure of what to do first before simply upgrading their turbo and potentially blowing their engine without the proper preparations. I've found this useful and thankfully have already done most of the required upgrades previously. I've currently got a Dual Stage Blitz Electronic Boost Controller and mite sell mine for an Actuator so i cant possibly get defected for that. Got everything required for Stage 1 - 2 (Blitz Intercooler, Full 3" exhaust without Cat, made a huge difference, Pod Filter, except for computer tune/ecu, Some Japanese Fuel pump system & Extensive Suspension work) I think I will work on the head gasket next. MYSHADOWZ
  2. ITEMS: 17x8 Fronts 17x9 Rears, 5 stud pattern. All tyres still have decent tread. $800 Rear Bridgestone (Porsche Equivalent tyres) and $600 Front Dunlops. Wheels will fit most imports with similar wheel bases. ITEMS BRAND: FINAL SPEED A-TECH JAPANESE HIGH PERFORMANCE WHEELS. ITEMS CONDITION: Just a little gutter rash on rear wheels, but otherwise excellent (no buckles or dents) ITEMS PRICE: $1500 ONO. Supposedly rare wheels. CONTACT: PM or Mob 0404 558 878 Adelaide Hillz
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