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  1. i wont be replying to any posts over the weekend. but if i can try and finalise as many sales as i can by next week i have the day off next friday so i can post all the stuff without having to lug half a car to work Thanks Have a good weekend
  2. if you have been waiting for a reply for over a week let me know because i might have read a few pms and not replied. Cheers
  3. sounds good. whats your address so i can post it to you. My account is with commonwealth bank BSB Number:064447 account number: 1016 9705 account name: daniel paton cheers mate
  4. hows $50+ postage sound? gimme your postcode and i can work out postage for you. Cheers, Daniel
  5. its the part of the boot interior that covers where the car jack goes. $35.00 you can pick it up or i can post it to you at your cost.
  6. new thread with parts i have left. pictures and everything. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/sh...ead.php?t=41389
  7. Just letting you all know that i will get back to you soon. i am now working full time and dont get much opportunity to get on the net at home.
  8. just replied to all PM's and posts to date. i hope i didnt miss anyone. cheers
  9. No like i said at the start I ONLY HAVE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PICTURES the rest of the car is gone. every little bit.
  10. standard air box + $140 K&N Air Filter - will sell separate sold - standard intercooler piping - air box still avail./ sold - intercooler etc radiator - does leak from down bottom radiator reservoir tank
  11. headlight - passenger side (broken) - free - come and get it if theres bits on it you want. reverse light - driver side spotlights - off m-spec front bar - including surrounds sold - indicator - front - drivers side headlight - drivers side indicators - both quaterpanels rear lights - passenger side sold - indicator - front - passenger side
  12. dash cluster dash cluster surround glovebox speedo - 72472Kms steering column surround passenger seat rear seat bracket covers for front seats - the bits that cover where the seats bolt down steering wheel - original - good cond. SOLD --> vents
  13. All the parts you can see in the pics are for sale. some even free. These are the only parts i have left as the rest of the car has been sold so dont ask for something you dont see. I'm sorry about my previous thread but there were too many people asking for stuff i dont have and i only just finally got my mates camera so i could take photos so here they are. if you want something that you see here pm me with the part/s you want in the subject so i dont have heaps of emails just saying 'parts' it makes things painfully slow as i am only on a modem connection and it takes so long to open pages. Also include an offer in your pm. Thanks badges - only the gt badges are still available. the front badge is sold battery - only done about 5000k's with this battery sold - boot trim jack cover standard cat-back zorst - very quiet. sold - front left guard. not a ding or scratch on it. various bits - battery bracket, radiator seats, etc ecu - stock
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