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  1. how old are the injectors? k's? are they direct plug in or do i u need to change the plugs?
  2. thanks guys! im not looking for anymore than about 260kw.. so i'll keep the bastard!
  3. Im about to put a HKS 2835 on my 25 and was wondering if why i have thr turbo off, is it worth putting an aftermarket manifoldon? how many kw is the std one good for??? Cheers Ray
  4. Runnymede to Oatlands........... Just about any west coast road.. a fair few on the east coast.. If u DON'T have the Midlands Highway in ur travel plans then u should have a good trip!
  5. Yes i searched.. I am about to order my HKS2835 kit for my rb25det, i already have a Boost Tee, and was wondering if its really worth the effort in putting on a EBC?? im only chasing around 260 - 280 rwkw. thanks Guys
  6. where can i get one of these kits from and how much?
  7. Wats a good way to download music... i've had limewire but its not too good these days... have heard about torrents but dont know how to use it!!?
  8. I'd be interested to know too.. i have a JB sitting in the shed waiting for me to put it in...................... How much horsepower was involved in this???
  9. nah she good thanks mate, found a couple a while back
  10. Mate it doesnt worry me a f**k if it makes a few noises.. but this wasnt right at all.. it made more noises than a auto locker... now with the new oil its spot on!
  11. REALLY bad clunkingnear on grinding noises.... One of a mates has a Kaaz and its quiet compared to mine.. mine sounded like it was tearing itself to bits!! now with the penrite it just makes a few noises in carparks etc.. that i can live with.. very happy now!
  12. At horsepower in a box they sell em for $180 http://www.horsepowerinabox.com/HPIAB2/category10_1.htm if u know someone at repco the u should be able to get it a bit cheaper
  13. just go to repco and buy a bosch 070 external pump.. they are the same thing
  14. I changed the oil in mine yesterday and put some Penrite Competition diff oil 140w in it and it is ten times better! still makes afew noises but nothing like it was!
  15. I had the Kaaz stuff in it, then i changed it because u are supposed to after run in.. so i put the reccomended stuff in it.. (cant rember off the top of my head) I was gunan get some more kaaz stuff but dont wanna waste $100 worth of oil if its not gunna fix it
  16. MY Kaaz sounds like its tearing itself to pieces! Its was making BAd noises from the begining, as soon as i reversed out of the shed and turned it was doing it... i had to drive around 15k to get to a car park to run it in, but i drove sensibly... when u go round a corner with the clutch in it makes a bit of a whiring noise.. that i expect.. but as soon as u are driving normally it doesnt sound happy at all.... (sounds like the thing is skipping splines on the axel... and no its not.. i checked.. twice)
  17. Ive been looking for a decent turbo for my 25 and not sure if this kit would be the way to go.. has just about everything i need except the PFC (which i have sitting here) http://cgi.ebay.com.au/R33-R34-SKYLINE-RB2...A1%7C240%3A1318 it seems like a good price as it has most stuff?? Wat do u guys think?? wouldit be laggy? MY supporting mods: Power FC 3" system from turbo back FMIC Forward Facing Plenum Bosch 044 Fuel pump 555cc Inj (inc in kit) Z32 AFM (in kit) Low Mount manifold (in kit) Ray
  18. is the turbo a big step up from a std oen.. im looking for one slightly bigger than std, dont want much lag etc... (sorry im a turbo noob)
  19. Im after lhs 28 spline axel to suit a R31 skyline Anyone got one laying about?? Ray 0408370712
  20. Well i finally got hold of a 33 box to chuck behind my 25det.... so my q is about the tailshaft.. i know my 31 yoke wont fit so obviously i have to get a 33 one.. now i have heard that a navara/pathfinder one is the same??? and also do i have to shorten my t shaft??? Cheers Ray
  21. these still for sale? and also wat was the reason?
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