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  1. Hey GR33TINGS I feel your pain, which suburb?
  2. Cougar


  3. I work with knead-it quite abit, get a spray bottle and wet your hands and the knead-it (just a couple of squirts, not to much) and it will give you more time to use it and really get the two compunds mixed before you use it.
  4. seanisonfire: like axe s & Kujotk said these things may fix it and even if it doesnt, it sure wont hurt br3ndan: 1. remove the engine heat shield 2. remove the three bolts holding the brace, then remove it 3. undo the screws holding on the heat cover over the dump pipe and remove it 4. replace the o2 sensor either with a 22mm open ended spanner or you can get a oxygen sensor socket from Repco (when i asked they said they would have to order it from over east so I just used the open ender) 5.then reverse steps 3-1
  5. G'day mate, Read through this and it should explain how to solve problems 3 & 4 http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/No...unking+steering Tristo
  6. It should be ok the car will run rough for a little while (about the first 15 minutes of driving) as the ecu re-learns all the settings again, also if the car wasnt warmed up before you reset the ecu the timing is immediatley retarded for cold startup Hope this helps
  7. I'll drop it in next weekend and see how it goes, anyway whats the worst that can happen... its only electricity
  8. I can get my hands on a grounding wire kit off a friend but havent heard much about them. Is it worth the effort to install it or are these usually for older cars?
  9. Chasing a Factory Toolkit for my R33 Complete or not lemme know what you got! Tristo
  10. Dont know if you've still got it going , but Done!
  11. Try the search feature I hear that will fix the problem....... http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Ai...hl=airbag+light
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