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  1. 14 - super hard coat (paint protection, 5 year warranty afaik) 15 - rear wiper 17 - audioless (no audio from factory)
  2. Rezz

    Need Help For Kunji

    Don't do this, the meaning of the last few kanji are completely wrong. No offence First two kanji (Jyuuryoku) are ok, but using the term "sucks" in Japanese is like "あかん" (Tokyo people can post up whatever local word they like and say it's more appropriate, IDGAF), being that it's slightly slang like "sucks" is and also has the same meaning. So "重力はあかん" is pretty close to the mark, or as close as you'll get without sounding more formal.
  3. I'm willing to bet it's just a local group of drifters/racers and had the sticker made up just for themselves. With what dead end searching I have done, I've seen Battle Club low down springs/grille/fender extentions so the name is/was used by an obscure parts manufacturer: http://1999ch.com/estima/eg-r15.html http://1999ch.com/estima/eg/eg-r15-1.jpg <-- yes that's a Japanese made "Hiclone" by Battle Club. Check the font of the sticker, is it the same as the Battle Club on the instruction sheet? Could be it... http://minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/261584...64799/note.aspx http://www.bidders.co.jp/dap/sv/nor1?id=49...&p=y%23body Just say it's a local Japanese car club from whichever area the car auction is that it was bought from and leave it at that.
  4. How could anyone in their right mind fag up an R32 GT-R like that? (the typemoon one). Oh I see, a GT-R bandwagon-jumping anime freak owns it.
  5. How info do you have on this club? Location? Their local circuit? Photos? Anything might help a bit more than just a name. How do you know about them?
  6. Ok maybe not 11ty million, maybe just 1ty million. It was just to illustrate the difference between working as a non-Japanese speaker in Japan to a non-English speaking worker in Australia. In Japan it can be done and work isn't reliant on you Japanese ability.
  7. Go to any of the large chains when they have certain campaigns running like a "Advan Campaign" at SuperAutobacs, Yellow Hat etc and the sales people are as flexible as you could expect someone who usually doesn't discount to be They're all so similar I don't think any one place is miles better than another unless they're doing free tyre fitting or some other freebie. The guys at Power Sports recommended me these for street/track -> Neova AD08s: http://www.yokohamatire.jp/yrc/japan/tire/...neova_ad08.html I'm a bit biased towards Advan
  8. 18: 助手席 = Joshuseki = Passenger seat
  9. The difference being Richard is that there are 11ty million Japanese people wanting to speak English... so the possiblities of getting halfway decent work in Japan can't be compared to a non-English speaker seeking employment in Australia. direct: you need to tell us the answers to Beer Baron's questions before we can suggest anything. For a start, have a look at this: http://jobs.kfm.to/jobs (it says Kansai but the jobs listed are national). If you find anything in there that you think you might have a chance at getting then let us know with the other info requested and we might be able to help out in a meaningful way. One last thing, Japan isn't everyones cup of tea, what may seem like a good long-term relocation idea while in Australia may very well vanish as soon as you arrive... it's happened to many people I've known over the years.
  10. First of all "sweet ride" isn't used in Japanese so you'll have to go for the closest thing to it "cool/stylish car". Sorry it doesn't sound as street as you'd like it but I guess Japanese car enthusiasts aren't led by the US so much in the language department like we are. かっこいい車 ^^ IMO use that and be done with it. If you want to write it in a cool Japanese way, use Katakana "カッコイイ車". I'm sure someone with "loads of JDM experience" will come by and tell you their suggestion is better so if that's the case, yeah, do that.
  11. He's not serious you know... I thought it was gold
  12. 17,000 yen for Uras front winkers? They're on their site for 8,190 yen: http://www.uras.co.jp/syohin/winker.html Sides you can get from East Bear for 4,200 yen: http://www.east-bear.co.jp/shopdetail/0030.../038/001/order/ You mentioned your mother-in-law but no location... anyway can't she just call some shops near to where she is and go from there? I doubt any of the places within reasonable distance have the winkers in stock so may as well order them online an be done with it.
  13. I'm aware of all that, it just sounds odd that your only option is a local train... it'll take a lifetime to get there.
  14. In that case yes, you'll have to go past JR Okayama to get to JR Yoshinaga. You're taking a local train from Matsuyama?? I'm not at all familiar with the services out there, but isn't there ferry or express train you could take?
  15. Make a definite plan of where you'll be going and do a cost comparison bewteen just the JR pass and how much it'd be if you just bought "Thru Passes" for each region (Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu) and bought the shinkansen tickets as you needed them. But as BB said there'll be days where you don't use passes, only use the subway, change of plans etc... it's hard to say.
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