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  1. Na they are stock turbos and it is a stock engine, with pod filters. The BOV's will flitter even when the turbos are trying to boost. So then the car wont boost properaly. The only way to get the car to boost is to take your foot off the accelerator, then put your foot down. Really anouying as I can't just drive up a hill on the highway as the car wont boost passed .4 of a bar due to the BOV's opening. So I am thinking what ever it is that tells the BOV's to open (ie vacum hose?) must have a leak. However I thought I would just service the BOV's if I could while I have them off.
  2. Hi everyone. Done some googling and resurch but I can't find an answer (probably just my computer skills there, or lack of). Ok my problem is, I have a r32 GTR, and the BOV's will vent continuously. The car has been sitting still for about 9 months and this problem as arisen since then. Put your foot down and its all good. Drive down the highway and the BOV will continuously flutter while the car hold .2 or .4 of a bar of boost. I have taken them off thinking that I might be able to service them or just lubricate them. However they seem to be a sealed unit. I can't see any cerclips etc to access the internals. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. The car is running a little rich so I was thinking there might be a air leak somewhere. Not sure if this is going to be related or not. Last of all I will be away for the weekend so if I dont reply for a few days it's not for being rude. Thanks again Dave
  3. Hey mate I live in Cairns and if you like I am happy to answer any question you would like to know. Pm me and give me your number or I can give you mine.
  4. Ignition module, computer, wrong heat range spark plugs, dirty fuel filter. Could be anything, work out if it's fuel or spark and try to break it down that way. See if anyone will swap you some parts that work. Some wreckers will let you swap parts. That said I'm not a mechanic, thats just how I work out most of my problems.
  5. Hey mate might have a grey 32 gtr if your run out of options.
  6. Hey I have a question. Is there anyone good up here that can work on GTR's?
  7. Hey I have a 32 GTR and have just moved to Cairns, seen a white 34 GTR getting around too.
  8. Cool, thanks. It is much appreciated. I'll let you know more soon. Ps if you know anyone else who would have a 32gtr and is keen let me know. Thanks again.
  9. Cool thanks. I think i should have said this befor. It is on the sunny coast in buderim, October the 4th which is a sunday and it is at 2pm. All I want the cars for is to get the guys to the wedding and then for a few photos. All I need is one or wo more and I'm set.
  10. Yeah Rin is good and yeah getting excited. I will be happy when there is no more to organize. Not sure if I will need there 33. Danny had one lined up and was going to talk to a friend of his who has a 35. I wont say that I don't need the 33 though.
  11. Hi all didn't have much luck trying to get a 34 GTR for my wedding so I am thinking of all R32 GTR's. It is for Oct the 4th which is a sunday. If anyone is interested pls let me know.
  12. maroon subaru liberty gt with tinted windows at caloundra, lights are hidden
  13. If the R32 was charcole gray that was I!!!
  14. Car looks good, I like the hight. Yeah my vote goes to bilsteins. Quadrant suspentions set up alot of the 32\33\34 GTR's that do the targa Tasmania, so there always worth a chat to if you want Bilsteins. Ps the best mod I ever did to my GTR was to buy a $700 carolla. Worked out that due to running costs of the GTR the carolla payed for it's self after 3 months. Plus now my car is always clean and there are no more dints from the shops!
  15. Yeah looks like a nice car. I was thinking of painting my car in the same colour.
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