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  1. hey guys and gals i need the torque settings for a CA18DET 180sx for a cylinder head kit
  2. bump bump bump does anyone know where i could get some
  3. hey guys and gals, i have a set of OBX seats in my car at the moment, but they sit a little high, i was wanting rails that have come out of a 180sx with aftermarket seats, e.g recaro rails, bride rails, etc etc I DO NOT WANT STANDED RAILS, please help me cheers
  4. Hey guys and gals, im looking at getting a front bar on my 180sx looking for veilside, vertex, bomex ect ect anyone know anyone or anyone got one cheers p.s here is a pickie of the car
  5. cool cool cool ill see if i can get some cash 2gether if so ill grab it off ya
  6. hey mate would he be interested in a swap with a g-tech plus some cash
  7. i live in south hurstville, (south of the city)
  8. like i said never been droped, this bike is in A1 condition, if u want to spend 5k and get a shit bike you can do that, or you can pay the extra and get a good bike, and by the way 12,000 ks on a 91 model bike is very low. also im the first to own it in Australia, so is there anyone out there who wants a bike, if i could spend 35k i would buy a 996, but what can i say the r1 is cheap speed
  9. ok it is a 91 model it has traveled 12,000 kms it is in perfect condition not one scrach never been dropped and its being sold to buy a R1 6 speed revs to 19,000 rpm 4 cyld 250cc (4 stroke) top bike located in sydney
  10. hey kids we have a HONDA CBR250RR for sale 2001 complince, this bike is in top condition i havent seen a better CBR250RR, price is $7300 ONO
  11. mate do i have the supra 4 you 1994 twin turbo manual here is a pic $27,000 any questions email me matthew@aussieisp.com
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