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  1. i suppose but some ppl dont look 'approachable'.. thats a good idea though, thanks for the advice
  2. haha was good talkin to u man.... mite have to finish off the story i was tellin u at tulla maccas next time lol... yeah, we werent sure where u got to, thought u just went home, n we didnt have ur number... just got home now, was kikin back with a few of the guys... was a small cruise only 6 cars but it was still good... definately more planning needed for the next one.... P.S that guy in the black R33 GTR came from nowhere!! we were all like WTF?! lol thanks man lol.... now the senator is going to make way for a skyline in the next few months :laughing-smiley-014: yeah last weeks cruise was a laugh, i had to show u guys my typical taylors maccas exit routine lol.. u should have come down tonight... i think we are just gonna go there at 7.30ish every tuesday night... either safeway rooftop or the car wash next to image auto.. make it a regular thing you know... was good talking to u last week man, and hopefully see u next tuesday
  3. hah those plates wud be tuff on a skyline.... i prefer the look of the r33 over the r34... dont know why, just my preference and i probably wont have too much to spend so jus gotta aim reasonably this probly sound real dumb, but how much different all round is there between an r33 GTST and an R34GTT? the r33GTST are goin for around 13ish, wat wud a r34 GTT be worth? im not denying that i am trying to gee them up, just some ppl think im geeing them up coz i want to beat them.... coz im a hero (which im not) lol. and i cant beat them
  4. haha, well looks like i have alot to learn.... 1. never use the word 'grouse'..... how bout 'sik'? lmao 2. never insult skyline drivers by using 'cheap' and 'nissan' in the same sentence 3. forced induction aint cheap thanks for the comments guys and i dont think the plates HSVBRO will suit a skyline.... nut then again, u never know... shud be at the cruise for the westys this week and i think i'll have to hitch a ride with a mates skyline, dont wanna ruin the whole 'twenty skylines owning the road' thing u's have got going.... jokes and to me i see it as cheap power.... to get 220rwkw out of a 5 litre, biiiiiiiig dollars... wat more than 7-8 g's yeah? a skyline? 2 g's? thats wat i meant... didnt mean to offend lol.. hope to meet a few of u guys at the meets
  5. hi everybody.. alrite, i own a HSV Senator but I really want a Skyline lol... Im doin my best and saving up so I can get one.... The guys from the west (Im from Hillside/Sydenham) if u see a guy with funny hair in a blue senator with plates HSVBRO and hes tailgating u or geeing u up at the lights, Im not doing it to be a hero, I just want to see how ur car goes!!! Most Skylines kill me anyways!! Love the sound of them and went on the first skyline cruise last week and the sight and sound of nearly thrity skylines roarinf thru the tunnel was grouse!! I always thought Skylines were cheap power ( i know, typical hsv driver) but u guys have introduced me to a whole new world!! haha, its been good meeting the guys i have met hope to catch up with u's soon!! and hopefully soon you'll see me in a series 2 R33 GTS-T wif plates R33BRO (haha for a laugh) nar jus kidding bout the plates :laughing-smiley-014:
  6. STRICTLY SKYLINES!!!! (we will give this a shot, limiting this to only skylines but of people want to let other types of broom brooms come then well do it... this is skylines australia... not imports australia) come on! are u serious?! i came down with the guy in the white VT (CHIRKS) who was making turbo noises lol... I wanted to bring the senator out... Pleaaaaase! i'll be good The cruise was really good and to the people i did speak to, thanks for giving me the time.. Was good that a few of the boys came down and got a bite to eat at Taylors Lakes Maccas.. Was reallly good... Just coming on that cruise has made me want a skyline and get rid of the 5 litre lmaooo... So can I come? btw, i was the tall guy with the funny hair lol
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