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  1. Dear folks Looking to purchase quality set of retainer clips similar to this one https://www.amazon.com/240-Pcs-Kit-Assortment-Universal/dp/B06XVC5H3K?ref_=nav_signin&th=1 Which brand are made of premium nylon quality material with heavy duty construction for durability, which is strong, robust and vibration resistant ? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your help This thread was for Nissan sentra USA it looks same to mine but I wasn't sure
  3. Can you help to advise what would the number or model for a replacement ? Thx
  4. Dear folk I couldn't locate a subforum for Nissan Pulsar 2005 N16 1.8L One bulb for HVAC Control burn out where can I find the replacement ? The light bulb similar to this one https://www.b15sentra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=184595 Genuine one might be (not sure) pricey if so are there after market one Thx
  5. Thanks Admin It is my wife's car replaced battery one month a go but forgot to enter code at that time Today I tried to entre code but I found it blocked. No matter which button I press I am not able to entre code
  6. Dear Expert I have got Nissan Pulsar N16 2005 I know that once battery is replaced we need to entre a security code, no daram But now radio displays letters : " Err " I tried to google it but couldn't find what i am after may be used wrong phrase when i searched Can you guide me what I should I do other than going to delar ? Regards
  7. I have bought disk pads (FERODO) for Honda Odyssey 2000 (7 seats) 2.3 liter, from SuperCheap Auto. But disk pads keep squealing, I know they were not genuion, but what would other barnds (other than honda genuine) be recommended to buy ? Thanks
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