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  1. Have you been to japan? Yes i believe it has 90,000 k. for one it was very very clean when i got it. i purchased it Bone stock. completely. stock exhaust and radio and everything. people dont drive long distances in japan. especially arounf the tokyo area where i am. simply because you can get there alot faster and cheaper by the bullet train. and yet traffic still seems to be horrible. mostly big trucks on tiny roads. it takes me about an hour to go 25k. seriously. ok ill try that later this week or next week.
  2. i dont think the ones i have should be a problem. and i already spent $90 on them a month or so ago.
  3. No i havent changed the fuel pump yet. it has about 90,000 klicks on it. i have new NGK spark plugs. not the iridium but like the Ngk-r i think it is. and i believe they came pre-gapped. but i could check real easy. what should they be gapped at? Boost is stock. No i tested them by taking one out with a spark plug in it. touching the head of the spark plug to the block and turning the car over to see if each one sparked. and all did.
  4. DO we have a fuel pressure gauge? is it the top right one? i thought that that was oil pressure. hmmm im not sure.
  5. HKS Intake, Full Hks exhuast From Turbo Back, Gtr Front Mount intercooler, HKS SSQ Blow off valve. I was looking into new injectors because My cars doing what every other skyline seems to do. seems like its choking out and spitting and sputtering after like 4k rpms. ive replaced the MAF, spark plugs, tested coil packs, new coil pack harness, new fuel filter, new air filter, cant find the problem. so i was going to try injectors next. cause i had a different intake on it before and it did it really bad then it doesnt do it as bad with this one on it. and i was talking to one of the local japanese machanics here and he said something about the air fuel ratio. like it was getting too much air he said. so instead of putting my stock air box back on and restricting the air. id rather put more fuel in.
  6. 90GtstJapan

    My Skyline

    1990 Gtst.
  7. I Have a 1990 shyline gtst. RB20DET. I was wondering if these injectors looked any good to you all. and what size should i go with. i am thinking eventually to get a boost controller and up the boost to a bar. http://www.deatschwerks.com/catalog/produc...products_id=114
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