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  1. had the same issue. Fixed by gapping the plugs to 0.8. Also smeared a thin layer of high-temp silicone gasket-making crap around the square block part of each coilpack (theres a thread somewhere in the DIY section), since I had them out anyway.
  2. that wagon looks VERY familiar Still in good nick for its age, I see.
  3. another price drop: $12,750 Also has 127,000km's now. make an offer - would like to have this sold soon.
  4. Totally agree. At this moment on carsales, there are 53 Legnums for sale. Of that only 18 are manual and of that, only 4 are not white/silver. Of those 4 only 2 have leather and of those 2, this is the only one with a sunroof. Its a bit of a regretful sale. I originally got this as a family wagon but I now don't require a family wagon and can't justify having a VR4 and an R33 (as well as the missus' Camry). I just reduced the price to $13,500 (negotiable of course) as I would like to sell this as soon as possible. Has rego until the end of Feb. RWC will be provided when required, etc.
  5. 1996 Legnum VR4 Type S 5-speed MANUAL 125,xxxkms This VR4 is a comfortable, safe and suprisingly quick drive, featuring AYC, ABS and AWD coupled to a 2.5L V6 Twin-turbo engine. It has quite a rare combination of manual transmission, electric sunroof, leather interior and a non-white paint job! Both myself AND the previous owner chose Tech///Sport to meticulously service and maintain this wagon. Has just received its 125,000km service. Engine is mechanically sound, as is the driveline and electrics (windows, mirrors, sunroof, A/C, etc) No previous accident history here or in Japan. Front bumper has very minor scratches. Interior leather is in excellent condition. Drivers seat has minor wear showing on the edge but its nothing major (no tears, etc). Extras include huge, fully retractable sunroof, tinted rear windows, coilover suspension, Blitz Nur-spec cat-back exhaust (silencer included), Heavy duty clutch, Sony CD/Aux-in headunit, rest of the car is stock. PRICE: $14,250 NEGOTIABLE Reg expires Feb 2010 Contact: Blake - 0414 325 041
  6. 1 little design flaw on this thing that I found today. Sometimes, if your boost comes on strong enough, the BB can push past the outlet nozzle. Plus, the way most of our MBC's are installed (mine is this way at least) the outlet is pointing down toward the actuator, so gravity can pull the BB out of the main chamber. What happened to me today was the BB got jammed in the outlet nozzle, keeping me stuck @ 0.65 bar regardless of how far in I wound the bolt. I'm lucky I found it tho cos if it had come out while driving, that could have been a huge boost spike. So, make sure you dial UP from low boost to high. If you go PAST your desired boost level, unwind the WHOLE thing and reassemble it, checking the BB is still loose and in the main chamber. **EDIT** Also, I didn't bother to check if anyone else in the last 80-odd pages had figured that out. If so, consider this a reiteration.
  7. I'm not a lawyer but I'd assume that since you signed the purchase papers and had ownership of the vehicle transferred to you, legally you'd be responsible for the condition of the vehicle at the time you got nabbed. EPA peeps can't go and wrastle with previous owners, they can only go after the current owner. IF the RWC was dodgy, you could try going down that path. But I'd imagine that the onus would be on you to prove that it WAS dodgy, not on the tester to prove it wasn't. You could still take action against the previous owner, but it would have to be a separate process to any EPA action you're embroiled in. Also, I'm not sure how much recourse the buyer has for disputing private purchases (Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware).
  8. Legumis

    Spotted Thread

    Was me. Tried flashing my brake lights at you but could only do that for a bit without slamming into the car ahead of me.
  9. Weird. I have a green LED in the same spot as the ones in that picture that does the same thing; comes on when the Fog lights do. It just serves as a reminder that the foggies are on, just in case your Skyline doesn't beep-nag you to death if you forget. Rip out the cluster and follow the wires, see where they go.
  10. so the TT doesn't have have a linear output while the boost is rising? It just hits the preselected pressure, then it flies open instantly popping the actuator? And when it does that, is it throwing all the boost at the actuator (9PSI, rather than the 5 it would take to trip the actuator)? if thats the case then there is no point using the solenoid after the controller. It would bleed too little so the pressure hitting the actuator would still be high enough to leave it open anyway. Plus, the spiking.
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