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  1. RB25DET into RB25DE Cefiro Hey guys, Ok I have an A31 Cefiro that originally came with an RB25DE and Automatic transmission. Transmission has been swapped to Manual and am about to do the RB25DET swap. I want to avoid as many problems as I can and want some information on the wiring. Its a series 1 RB25DET going into the car and I have bought a series 1 engine loom to go with it. I could not imagine there would be to many differences but what can I expect or avoid going wrong. Thanks!!
  2. No problems dude! I actually need some for my Norwegian Cefiro I bought! I will send you an email. BTW so many guys when they sit in my car comment on how good all the dash lights look!
  3. IM BACK!! After 15 months living in Norway I am back in Australia and loving it! Really wondering why I ever left! Plenty of adventures over in the freezing cold of Norway including buying an old Opel and doing ice drifting, to buying Norway's only registered Cefiro!! I will start a new thread on that car in the next few days.. Unfortunately I am only back for 3 weeks But plenty of time to blow the cobwebs out of the Skyline!! What you think I sold it? Never!!! So got back late on Thursday night after travelling for 28 hours and the next day I went straight to Supercheap and bought new oil and an oil filter then went to the garage to inspect what 15 months does to a Skyline whilst parked in a wet damp garage... The car has been started by my Dad but only maybe 3 times and he drove it once. I was hoping he would get it out more but I don't think he really likes driving it, understandable as it does get a lot of attention and the diff when cold can be a little overwhelming. Anyway after crawling underneath it to drain the oil I noticed that there was a family of spiders that now called the RB20 home and I quickly grabbed a broom to get rid of them.. The oil that came out looked perfect as it had only done 1000kms but I did not want to take chances. After that I took the car cover off and looked inside... The wet garage had taken its toll and there was mould all over the door trims, steering wheel and dash. This was something I thought of but there was not much I could do to stop it. I had cracked the windows open to let it breath but it did not do much. After I changed the oil and filter I started it up and.... she was back! Started first shot and idled smoothly and oil pressure was spot on. I took it for a quick drive and it all seemed good. Only thing was it had been sitting on some stock R32 GTST wheels with old tires and I think they have developed flat spots. The next day I cleaned the interior for maybe 3 hours scrubbing all the dash and getting rid of every last bit of mould, the car has got a bit of a smell now so I bought some interior polish and odour repellent that worked sweet. I also put back on the R33 GTR rims! Very wet weather here on the Sunshine coast the past few days but that has not stopped me taking it for a cruise!
  4. Been a while since any updates but perfectly good reason... I am now living in Norway. My missus is finishing her master degree over here so I got dragged along, chances are i will be here for 2 years. Not sure how I feel about it? Thankfully there is a huge drift and car scene over here that can keep me amused. As for the skyline... well its hidden away in a location I will keep top secret. My Dad goes and starts it every fortnight and lets it run and takes it for a spin around the block every so often. I just paid the rego on it and not sure if I will pay the next one. depends on how long I end up here for? I really don't want to have to get a roady for it and I might be back for a few months July 2016 so by then I will be killing to drive it! Here is some pictures of it before I left. This was a HUGE scare. I sold my daily and had to drive the Skyline for the last few weeks. I had the car at work and a huge thunderstorm rolled through Brisbane. The water almost got up to the bottom of the door before I moved into a garage. Back on the stock wheels driving through my home town of Mooloolaba. These are the things I will miss most (I took the photo my sister is driving) Got the interior looking very clean before I left. I had replaced all the broken bits and faded bits... Still the trademark dash bubble though.. Also notice the note I left on the handbrake to remind my Dad when putting it back into storage to not use it. Unsure of how 2 years of storage will affect the car but I feel I did everything possible to make sure its ok... Time will tell I guess. I could not bring myself to sell it, these cars are just a classic shape and they are getting very rare to find in this condition. I regret selling my old AE86 and 180SX and I dont want to feel the same about this car, I have put so much time and effort into and I am proud on all the work I did myself.
  5. Thanks guys! Giving me a bit of confidence, I was preparing for the worse. Hopefully I will have it at my grandparents house now and there my parents can come turn it over a few times a month. I will keep fuel in it so they can start it and maybe take it for a drive. Was going to cancel the rego but will just leave it so they can drive it and move it if they need to. I changed the oil today so it's fresh. Also bought a good quality car cover. I also have some stock rims and tyres so will just have it sitting on them. Thanks for the help.
  6. Should I just let it idle until it dies due to lack of fuel or is there a better way to drain it?
  7. I am moving overseas at the end of this month and I am going to keep my Skyline… That thing is my baby and I have spent to much money and time on it for some P plater to buy it and wrap it around a pole… Just wondering what I would need to do to a car before putting it in storage for possibly 12 months or more? I have some friends to look after it in their garage but problem is they are not car people and I know they will not want to turn it over as it will bother their neighbours. Any recommendations of what I can do to it to avoid problems when I return and put it back on the road? Should I drain all the fuel? If it is in a garage would you recommend having a cover over it? Should I keep it on jack stands? Any help is appreciated thanks!
  8. Not much happening with the car lately... I did order new gear stick and handbrake boots. They were $27 shipped through Ebay and actually fitted perfect. i am slowly fixing up all the interior pieces that are worn or broken. it is seriously getting harder finding parts for R32s now though, and when I do find the parts I am after people want a fortune for them. I guess they are slowly becoming classics as they get rarer. This weekend I will be changing Engine Oil, Oil Filter and Gearbox Oil. I bought a 13mm Male Square drive for the gearbox drain plug and cant wait to use it
  9. Who said R32s could not be used for daily duties?! Boot full of groceries and beer!
  10. Ok so after reporting on the good news with my Nismo LSD things kind have been getting worse.. It once again was un-drivable when cold, just serious bangs and knocks around corners and parking speeds. This might be ok for race cars but I use this thing as a daily sometimes and love to drive around the coast on weekends in it. As it warmed up it would get better but you would maybe have to drive it for 30mins at highways speeds to get it up to temp. The looks I get at the local supermarket were hilarious as the car would make huge bangs.. always wondered what people thought when they heard it? Anyway I went and spoke to Sunstate Diff and Gearbox in Kunda park and they assured things were not right with it and I was most probably causing more damage driving it like that. So this week they opened it up and expected it. There was no major damage to it and they just cleaned everything up including the Head and LSD Hemisphere and set it up to be not as aggressive. We also changed the torque setting in it to soft. They added an LSD additive and I changed the oil to Motul Gear FF-LSD TYPE 2 75W90. I went with this after doing hours of research.... The feedback I saw on this oil was better than Redline, plus Nigel Petrie from engineered to slide highly recommends and uses it in his 180sx and he has the exact same lsd. "speciality formulated for clutch pack style LSDs like mine. Features include excellent fluidity at low temperature (which is important for those runs when you dont have time to warm the driveline) and stable thermal stability at high temperature, smooth torque transferring through the LSD." http://engineeredtoslide.com/2011/10/180sx-oil-tech/ It is formulated for Front wheel drive cars but many are using it in Rear Wheel drive cars with LSDs. Happy to say it is finally sorted and the banging is almost gone completely, maybe occasional small ones at full U-turns but its way easier to live with now. The only sounds are the occasional chirps from the inside tyre which is all I wanted from the beginning. I did a few figure 8's today just to get the oil running through it and to bed it in after the inspection. I then went on a "spirited drive into the back hills and "tested" it... If you know what I mean It hooks up hard and locks with so much precision, make the car a lot more predictable at the limit, but it does demand a bit of caution at it can snap hard and if you are not expecting it, it will punish you... There is a skidpan event this Saturday but unsure if I want to go...
  11. Last Sunday decided to get a few things done that have been annoying me for ages. Decided to upgrade the bulbs in my autometer gauges. I was not impressed with how dull they were at night and after replacing all the globes in the dash with LEDs I thought I would do the same for the gauges. I bought some blue LED lights and they fitted in perfectly, super excited to drive it at night so I can see these baby's light up! While I had the centre console all out I thought i might try and fix something that been doing my head in. For some reason the switch to control the fan doors stopped working. I googled it months ago and came to the conclusion it was the actuator under the dash on the drivers side. I took it out and cleaned it and it still did not work. I bought one from a guy wrecking an R32 and it did not work I bite the bullet and bought one from Nissan and guess what? It still did not work. So from what I remember it was when I replaced the globes in the back of the climate control unit months ago that it stopped working. So when I had it all out on Sunday I took the plugs out of the back of the climate control and did the old Nintendo 64 thing and blew on all the plugs... I plugged it back in, and guess what? IT WORKED!!! So basically I wasted my money on the one from Nissan.. or maybe not I dunno just one of those things I guess. I am just happy to be able to control where the air is going on my dash now
  12. Been playing with the pano feature on my iphone lately. My friend had this house over new years up at Maleny and was up there for 2 days so took the r32 up for the epic hill runs, seriously fun driving if you don't get stuck behind tourists... I got stuck behind some guy who was braking on the up hill sections!! Seriously frustrating. Have to do what the motorcyclists do and get up at 5am...
  13. Got super bored and polished under the bonnet... I actually put a tarp over the engine and pressure washed it as it was covered in black grime. I then polished it.... Kinda over the top as no one will probably ever see it, but it was something I hated looking at.
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