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  1. I ran an Aquamist 1S system on my old RB25 twin turbo converted engine. Engine was running OEM 26 turbos at 1 bar (360 rwhp - so not highly tuned) with a GReddy Emanage to control the single pulsed water solenoid and jet. The reservoir was the S13 washer bottle re-located to the boot. The water injection was mapped from around 3800 upwards depending on load etc using the E-manages additional injector map. The E-manage was already handling the fuel/ignition control for the 'blow-through' MAF and larger injectors. The mix was mainly distilled water (out of a de-humidifier) but with the addition of some methanol based screenwash to stop it freezing in the bottle in the winter and to retain some cleaning ability as it was still being used for windscreen cleaning duties ! The bottle lasted two or three tanks of fuel. You could run more ignition advance with it on and I ran it for around 25,000 miles without any issues with the jet clogging. When the engine was stripped the combustion chamber/valves/tops of the pistons were still remarkably clean. We don't get the E70/E85 fuel blends in the UK so I'll be using the kit again on my RB30/26DETT when its done. Fuels hideously expensive over here so the plan is to try running it daily on nomal unleaded (95) rather then the 'Super' unleaded (98/99) normally used. Cheers Stu
  2. Its not a good idea to buy them blind, you really need to sit in the seats to work out whats comfortable for you but make sure you know your maximum width because S13/S14's standard seats are very flat and pretty narrow. I originally intended to buy a Pro2000 for my S13 as I'd seen them in the same car and when I sat in one I found it a bit tight for me so I ended up with a EVO L (EVO 2 now) which just fitted. Cheers Stu
  3. Yes, not worth risking the other studs. I've ordered a new set. Thanks for your help fellas.
  4. No, I cut one of the long studs down and it was one of the short studs that sheared.
  5. I'm told by ARP that there isn't an official main stud kit for the RB30 and the stud kit arrived in a bag so Spool must make up a kit and unfortunately there wasn't a spec sheet with them. Incidentally the 73-75 ft lb torque figure came from your excellent thread at http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/378823-engine-internals-comp-ratios-general-info/?hl=%2Barp+%2Bmain+%2Bstud+%2Btorque if you're able to edit that at all (you may not be able to due to its age) it could help people with future searches.
  6. Hi All, I bought some ARP main studs for my RB30/26 about 5 years ago from Spool and recently started building the engine. The block was sent away for machining with the studs and I requested that the mains girdle be torqued to 65-70 ft lbs with ARP Moly lube for the main tunnel honing as per the torque specs in this thread http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/388491-help-what-tension-arp-main-studs/?hl=arp+main+torque#entry6196886 Got the block back and torqued the girdle down to 70ft lbs to measure the bearing clearances with plastigauge. Clearances were fine so final assembled and then found that I needed to cut one of the 3 long studs down to clear the shaft that passes through the RB26 sump. Released the girdle, cut the appropriate stud down and re-assembled back in its hole. Torqued the main bearing ladder back down and one of the shorter studs sheared before it reached 70 ftlbs ! Managed to drill the bugger out but now I'm left wondering why exactly it sheared. The threads in the block were clean. The stud was hand tightened first. ARP moly lube was used in assembly and the main studs were tightened in the appropriate order with a good quality Snap-on torque wrench. Is it just a case of 70ftlbs is too much or could it be a faulty stud ? Should I replace the whole set as a precaution or is it safe to just replace the single stud do you think ? If thats the case does anyone know the ARP part number for one of the short studs ? It would appear to be M10 x1.5 where it screws into the block, 105mm long and the nut end would appear to be a different pitch thread - possibly M10 x 1.25 During my searching I've found torque figures of 55, 60, 65, 70 and 73-75 ft lbs for RB ARP main studs so some clarity and real world experiences would be nice.
  7. R32 GTS-4 stub axles look very similar (same ATTESSA rings) to GT-R stub axles but are a different size shaft to fit the GTS-4's VLSD rather than the GT-R's plated diff. Could it be that you have some of those ? Cheers Stu
  8. Hi all, I'm after a R32 GTS4 rear diff or preferably just the 4.375 crown wheel and pinion from one. thanks Stu
  9. Still after the weight of a standard RB30 crank if anyone has one lying around. Cheers Stu
  10. Hi All, Can somebody tell me the weight of a standard unground RB30 crank please ? Cheers Stu
  11. I haven't used one of the ebay pipes that you have listed but I have used SFS silicone intake pipes and they work fine. They have wire re-inforcement buit into the wall of the pipe so they don't suck shut. With the poor exchange rate it might be worth you getting a custom pipe made up in the UK rather than importing an Apexi pipe in. A company near me does a lot of custom pipework but they might need to have the car to do it. Cheers Stu
  12. Hi all, After a bit of advice on a head that I sent away to have some machining done on. The head has passed a pressure test ok but the combustion chamber appears to have a couple of cracks between an inlet and exhaust valve on cylinders 5 and 6. The engineering company have ground away the surface a bit to check to see if it was a surface crack but it appears to go deeper as shown below : Frankly, I spent ages porting the ****ing thing before sending it away so is it repairable or ?
  13. Post some pics up in this thread when you've got them on. I was thinking of 18x10.5 +15's but didn't think they'd fit a 32 GT-R so was leaning towards 18x10.5 +22 Varrstoens.
  14. Be interested to see some pictures of these wheels fitted fellas.
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