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  1. btw...... powerfc ftw, work out easier and cheaper in the long term, very few tuners with touch emange in wa....... trust me on that one
  2. that takes the list of people to: 14,126 & always adding
  3. http://www.iphonehacks.com/ read through the website, find the version your iphone has, follow the instructions, all done, make sure you backup as much as you can from your phone b4, just incase, did mine abt 6 months ago, not had any problems yet
  4. so you have run emange ecu's in your car ???? what didn't u like, a bit more reason than fail might help a few people out, the only reason around seems to be with tuners, not the ecu, most tuners don't know the software, so won't touch Steve
  5. theres also a bit of electrical if you still want certain things to work on your 32, it's fun pulling the wiring loom out, removing things, then getting everything back, the tail shaft can be send off to someone else to do, try finding an auto sparky who wants to go through you 32 wiring do your research on the electrical side as it's not just drop and play
  6. what can happen then u end up finding the rest of the turbo in your cat
  7. Advanced Lock & Key, Wangara Map I used them a while ago, normal car key cut, didn't have any probs, give them a call, might be able to help
  8. from Friday, get you ready for next Sat watch in HD if your have a decent connection or let that s**t download, it's worth the wait for HD goes for 10min, if any1 wants the media to play around with, PM me & we can try & work something out enjoy Steve
  9. been through a few booze buses, only been checked once, i do the 'have the window down with head sticking out waiting for them to test', they look at you, and say 'on your way' been a few times where they have been stopping every car, so I'm just waiting, gets up to me, they let me straight through ??? Pulled up to a booze bus abt 8pm ish on Ocean Reef Rd in the wifes 34 a few months back, they were stopping all cars, traffic builds up, i had 1 small camera mounted to the front of the car and 1 inside (i wonder what i was doing ), was sh*ting myself, Skyline will camera mounted on the bonnet, it's just asking for trouble, and if they watched the footage . Nothing, just let me go without even testing me ??? they didn't even notice the cameras. i know my luck will change 1 day
  10. http://perth.gumtree.com.au/c-Stuff-for-Sa...QAdIdZ107150991 for all you single guys
  11. Hi Mel, if it sounds like it's coming from near the battery, then it's the rust protector thingy, makes a humming noise, took me ages to find that 1 out Steve
  12. Quick Drift Vid i've been trying to post the vids on the forum, but no luck, some reason can't embed youtube vids so link will have to do
  13. impulse buying at it's best , what ever car, you'll have fun, by the sound of it, moneys not the problem, throw enough money at someone and you could have the car sooner than others, still might have to wait a bit
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