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  1. Can more than one person enter a car? Ie. 2 drivers, 1 car?
  2. Filled out and paid via Pay pal. Please PM me re some questions when you have time. Cheers, Dan.
  3. Areo... that is just a black art I have never been able to fully get my head around. I like this, looking forward to your results young fella!
  4. Congrats Jenna and Pete! Nice work there. Hope Jenna is resting well. let me know when you get them home mate.
  5. Damn, I have to drop 15kgs to fit that setup Coming along nicely mate. :likey:
  6. Hey I made something similar for my guages, just out of alloy I think I like yours better though neil.
  7. Yep, you guys are right! definately no series 3 GTS box... spoke to the original source again and they confirm that for some reason they starting thinking GTR even though I had said RB25DET... lol. Thanks for your help guys. Dan.
  8. See, SAU Rocks! I was skeptical at first, thinking the same as you guys, I had heard of a series 3 for GTR, but not GTS... I wondered if perhaps it might be from a R34 GTT??? Some more research needed. Cheers guys!
  9. Hi Guys, I am looking at upgrading my R33 series 1 RB25DET gearbox, I am looking at either a Series 3 or even a straight cut gear set. My question is; What are the differences between Series 1 and series 3 boxes? And How do you identify them externally (Markings and model numbers etc)? Thanks in advance peeps.
  10. Can you give me a price on a set of 4 in gun blue, 18x8.5 +33, 5x114.3? Also interested in the same or similar just 17's? Cheers.
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