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  1. Got the colour matched its PPG Black no mixing needed so i guess that was a good thing.
  2. yeah done that mate the colour is blue pearl, it has been re-sprayed so i have had the colour matched all good thanks for your imput.
  3. Bumber.. Thanks for all your help mate, will take it over to the paint shop to see what they can do cheers mate.
  4. Thats cool mate, thanks for trying it no real drama just need to paint the front bar and bonnet but if worse comes to worse i will just get someone to match it.
  5. Cheers mate, the Vin i WGNC34-007748
  6. hi guys, i have just bought a 1996 stagea the car is painted black and it looks factory as all the inside of the car is done the same. Now the colour code on the car is BP9 Z. I've look through the colour codes and the BP9 i could only find in the skyline colours which is a blue pearl can anyone tell me is BP9 in the stag BLACK???
  7. some new pics of the work that been going on.....
  8. hey sinful, the cams are Mine's super camshaft shore pro II, specs 252, 10.5mm lift it said on greenline it changes at engine revolution limit to 8,100rpm but i havent got the engine in the car yet so not sure about the 8,100 i didnt want big cams just wanted a angry street car with alot of low down power. i found some old pics and some pics of the enine gettin new bits on it i will try to post them here for ya mate if not i will give you my myspace and most of the pics ar on there. also i will put a pic of he old RB20 that used to be in the old girl it was sent up for top end power. ben
  9. hi guys, Thanks for the warm welcome im happy to share everything i know and to help out and to get help with info on he cars. lol yeah keeping it to the road isnt eazy the engine is been out and had a some work done to it. Mines cams, Gt2860r turbos, GReddy plenum, Greddy intake suction kit, Sard rail and sard 700cc injetors, Power fc D-Jetro and Apexi boost controller just a few little mods. yeah im used to gettin info from 12 years olds alot of the tune shops up here read autosalon and hot fours. i will try to get some pics on here most of the pics i have is when it just had the rb20 with the gtst font end i will get some pics of the gtr front end and the widebody back were just doing on it now, thats once i work out how to put the pics on here. ben
  10. Big Hello to all you skyline lovers, im new to the fourm i drive a Rb26 powered S13, well its not really a S13 no more about 4 years ago we turned it into a skyvia. look forward to sharing info on these great cars. Ben.
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