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  1. The Defect: R33 GTS25t S2 7.35pm 20/1/09 Hill Street, Campbeltown Minding my own business in heavy traffic, not boosting Sent to regency (major defect) Was given 72hrs to drive car normally, after that only to and from places of repair/picking up parts Once I had fixed the defected items, Holden Hill Cop shop checked it and I was able to drive until inspection Done For: Atmo-BOV Cracked Headlight What I did to prepare: Replaced BOV with factory item (bought from PSI Parts over forum) Replaced metal intake pipe with silicone item with correct plumback piping Replaced headlight with used one from adelaidejap wreckers Removed Turbo Timer Removed Boost Gauge Replaced Battery with RAA sealed calcium one Fixed some minor coolant and oil leaks (done at Morpowa in modbury) Gave the car a THOROUGH clean and detail, including hours spent in the engine bay Dressed neatly for regency, and tried to be polite and well spoken The Regency Visit: 12/04/09 Passed First Time $137 Mentioned Tyres we're getting a bit low but said they were ok Said my battery was the incorrect type, but wasn't going to fail me for it (so he was wrong, or the RAA book is wrong...I'd back the first one) Non-Standard Items that got through: HKS Super Power Flow Intake (Pod Filter) Cat-Back Exhaust FMIC, cut reinforcement bar and cut sheet metal for pipe work 17" Enkei Rims, well inside guards
  2. After browsing through the last 12 pages, there seem to be a LOT of different issues being thrown about. Unlike some people I know that modifying ur car legally and driving to not draw attention ISN'T the answer. If you think this will avoid you getting a defect you are either ignorant or have just been lucky. Ignoring the issues like skyline owners being constantly pulled over while just driving normally while smokey old unsafe bombs remain on the roads, I think the main relevant issues are: 1) In order to for the defect/regency system to be replaced with one involving mod plates or engineers certificates that aren't dismissed, we need to be placing pressure on the state government, as they are the ones that ultimately make the rules. 2) In order to do this, we either need to contest things through the courts as they have done in other states (I'm not a lawyer, but I suspect we wont really have a leg to stand on here in SA) or clean up our image and distance ourselves from the hoons and then apply pressure like a good old fashioned lobby group. 3) Building a good relationship with SAPOL is a good step to distancing ourselves from the hoons, but without out follow up steps it will probably just become a token effort. So everyone feel free to post up about changes and initiatives on both sides of the fence, bcos as a lot of people have mentioned its a two way street. To get the ball rolling, here are some ideas I've been kicking around. I think the SA section of SAU should become a bit more formalised, and membership should be seen as a privilege not a right. For example, if someone is misbehaving on a cruise and laying down snakies in the maccas car park, they shouldn't be allowed in the club as this unfairly gives everyone a bad name. That way when we inevitably get pulled over while minding our own business, an SAU sticker on the window should tell the officer the driver has probably made efforts to ensure the car is legally modified and probably doesn't participate in street racing. Maybe they wont just be thinking another fastnfurious dickhead in an import as they are walking towards the car...... The other thing I was thinking, is that there are two many people here that are too cluey about their cars for their not to be a bucket load of mechanics and engineers on here. I my self am a student member of Engineers Australia (haven't graduated yet) and I can tell you there are quite a few car obsessed engineers at uni. People with professional qualifications are more likely to be listened to then random internet hoons in a club. Why not use this untapped resource??? I imagine a group of professional engineers and mechanics telling the transport minister that the system is a joke might have a better result than individual letter writing campaigns or an online petition.
  3. Also just a thought, someone mentioned previously the golf ball and shark skin rough surfaces that reduce drag.......just for the record these are different scenario's to flows within an engine because in one case your talking about external flows and the other is considering an internal flow. Drag is bad. Drag should be reduced where possible as long as there aren't negative side effects. There are two types of drag, form drag and skin friction drag. In the case of the shark and the golf ball, the rougher surface will increase skin friction drag (because the rough surface makes the boundary layer turbulent, and the skin friction coefficient is larger for a turbulent boundary layer). SO WHY DO THIS if it increases drag??? Because in these examples it can reduce form drag by a lot, which more than offsets the increase in skin friction drag. HOW? The turbulent boundary layer delays flow separation, which is the main cause of form drag. So if we're talking about an internal flow scenario (where form drag doesn't really apply), such as fluid flow in a pipe for example, a smoother surface will always have less drag than a rough one. Period. If people are getting good results by 'roughing' up the inlet, it has nothing to do with drag reduction, its due to other effects.
  4. How will a rougher surface on the inlet improve economy and low end torque? I'm not saying it wont, I'm just saying u haven't really explained your statement and/or given any evidence to back it up.
  5. The 'thing' the rougher surface will create is a thicker boundary layer. The boundary layer is where viscous effects dominate over fluid flow effects, and if you're looking to minimise the amount of effort required to move the intake charge through the head, you want the boundary layer to be as thin as possible (hence the head as smooth as possible). This is just basic fluid dynamics and is only really half the story. As mentioned previously, the thicker boundary layer MAY prevent fuel from condensing on the walls, I'm not really too sure and there are more qualified people here to answer that. I thought this was more an issue with carby fed cars, to the point where a lot of old cars had their entire intake manifold heated to encourage the fuel to evaporate off the walls.
  6. Hey guys, the skyline has been off the road for a while (6mths) and now wont start. Battery was flat and not looking like holding charge, but has now been replaced. Car is cranking over but not really looking like starting. I've made a visual inspection of all the fuses (they all look fine), but other than that I'm not really sure what to check. I'm guessing the fuel would be well and truly stale by now, but surely the car would still start? Failing any tips to get that car started, can anyone recommend a decent mobile mechanic (adelaide area) lol.
  7. I need manifold-turbo and turbo-dump gaskets for a stock R33 turbo, any advice on where to get them from and what prices are reasonable? Cheers, Sam.
  8. Got the boot trim? I'm after the panel the goes across where the battery lives, and the panel thats sits across the spare wheel, under the carpet.
  9. i know what you mean about the cops never making much progress on things like this, its like we hear about shootings in the CBD more and more often, but the only time u hear the cops doing anything in the news its like 'Police have called for tougher laws against Bikie fortified strongholds' and shit, never 'the low-life scum responsible for the shooting were apprehended in a nearby ditch, justice was dealt swiftly.....'
  10. my house mate is a glassy at 'bar on gouger'......was out picking up glasses from the tables they have on the pavement and he saw a white 'SUV' (he's an american) driving down the footpath, and then when it got about 15ft away from him he realised the guy leaning out the window had a gun, legged it back into the club, the bouncer was trying to herd people into the club while the firing was going on, absolutely crazy, I couldn't believe it when he told me the next day.
  11. cheers for the advice, put in the tee piece and BOV is working better now....
  12. Hey guys, just picked up my first skyline (S2 R33) and there are a few things that need to be fixed up, first on the list is a 'magic' BOV that doesn't have a vacum line connected yet still vents on gear changes......... problem is i can't spot where the stock BOV would have taken its vacum line from.....I've looked at a few BOV install tutorials, and the line used there is going elsewhere on my car (or I've completely misinterpreted the install pictures lol)........... any help would be much appreciated (sorry for the newbie-style question!) Here are some pics so u can see what I'm talking about:
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