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  1. Would need two. Impressive the emtron has so many Analogues
  2. I need to invest, I was lucky with mine. One had 20% less flow.
  3. Any type K thermo couple would work. Tune is going to be tight!
  4. If it's for a 32 GTR, 10+20 will be perfect and can run a decent tyre size like 265
  5. For Sale 19x9.5 +22 Volk Le37 Top Secret Gold with Pirelli P1 zeros, 80% tread $3000 Nitto Oil pump $1300 RB26 Hypertune V1 102mm plenum $2500 Aftermarket Industries 5l surge tank + 2 walbro 460, New $1300 RB26 Camtech cams, 280, 10.5. New $700 Located in Tasmania, postage no worries, Contact via PM
  6. Didn't bigmikespec say the same thing as Mick_o did about the turbine wheels, either at the start of this thread or piggaz build thread and get shut down?
  7. Wouldn't of mattered, still would of gave it to heath. I thought Wolfe would of been fighting for #1, but I'm not a judge.
  8. I don't want to start a war..but you must remember its American
  9. Hard to work out without tyres size or ratios...But 25psi by 100kmh is madness. Would need to take a look at a stock BA curve to really compare. The 4litre is a pretty impressive engine though, have to remember they will make 300kw on a stock iw gt35 easily.
  10. Only said 64 because in precision they are better than the 67 unless going all out
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