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  1. They exist solely to annoy a mate who despises copy look wheels! And it works a treat 😆
  2. Thanks mate, I've been toying with the idea of grabbing that diff of yours! I'm happy with how it looks, everything is exactly as I want. Looking back to what it was like when I got it, the changes have been subtle but it's made a huge difference visually. Wheels that fit nice make all the difference! One thing I absolutely didn't want to create is a GTR knock off
  3. Yeah I looked at all those, there are some good options but they are pretty expensive for a part that will most likely get smashed off by a speedbump! I got mine, well two sets - a spare just in case - from ECS Tuning. They are cheap as, with the shipping costing the most! I think it worked out to around $140 delivered for the 2 pairs. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-porsche-parts/gt3-front-brake-duct-upgrade-kit/99734148392kt/ They fit with minimal mods, just trim off a couple of bits, and add a hose clamp to fit and drill a few holes for a cable tie. They sit down about 40-50mm from the underside of the car, so I'm pretty sure they are guiding air up and through the braking system. With a lip kit, or GTR style front bar I don't think they'd be as effective.
  4. Long time between drinks! Few things changed since the last post, the car is still going great! November last year I did the tour class of the Adelaide Rally - it was great fun! The car performed great, and was pretty quick with the better suspension and E85 tune making 280kw. Even though it was a Tour class,we did some genuinely quick driving on some awesome roads. The brakes were the weak point,they consisted of the DBA slotted rotors, Intima SR pads and Nulon fluid. It just lacked stopping power - didn't fade too badly, and they did cop quite a workout. Anyhow it finished off those pads and rotors! I ended up grabbing a set of Evo Brembos and the Alpha Omega brackets and lines etc. I fitted these up over New Years this year, and used a set of Intima Type D v2 pads - thanks to Dose for the prompt service. I also grabbed some Porsche GT3 brake guides,which fitted up nicely on the castor rods. The brakes work really well, plenty of power and decent pedal feel. I've also since gone to a GTR style 600x300x100 intercooler, with pipework to suit (across the rad fan). This gained a few kw's up top,but a good amount in the midrange with a nice bump in torque. I know plenty have gone past 300 on the Blitz coolers, but this change was done more to satisfy my curiosity more than anything. It makes the car very punchy on the road now, it comes on with minimal lag and is quite punchy - a good street setup and exactly what I want for events like Adelaide Rally and Track Days. I had to go to 1000cc injectors also, as the 550's ran out of flow There is a little more left in it, but the tuning brief was for a track safe tune with reliability in mind. It hits 20 psi dropping back to 18 at the moment - maybe with a .86 rear on the HKS 2535 it would make 15-20 more? I'll go Hypergear eventually. The change in intercooler meant a change in oil cooler location also,which was a bit fiddly. Removed the washer bottle and located a smaller one inside the engine bay to make way for the intercooler piping also. Pics attached of the bits that have gone on, also running the Sailun AR01 semi's all round - they are great for the money. Adelaide Rally 2020 was supposed to start next week,but has been postponed to March. Looking forward to it! Few pics to update!
  5. I'll take a few pics next time I've got the front bar off. The GTR style cooler helps with the oil cooler relocation a little,as the end tank outlet bends back at 45 degrees. I used a ebay over the radiator fan kit for a 600x300 cooler (non GTR style) which fit OK, and cut the hot and cold side pipes on the kit and used a 45 degree 3" to 2.5" silicon bend off the intercooler. The oil cooler now sits at 45 degrees, pointing from the corner of the drivers side back towards the cooler pipework. I've attached a pic of that - I had originally moved it to be square towards the oncoming airflow but towards the wheel, but a rock flicked up and put a small hole in the cooler,so I positioned the new one right up the front. Oil temps on spirited road driving is back to how it was prior to swapping the intercooler, so it's working in that spot I've attached a pic of the dyno back to back also.
  6. Cool build thread! i thought I'd add a bit about your Blitz intercooler, as I've just swapped mine out for a GTR style 600x300x100 setup. I'm running a old HKS 2535, E85 for 280rwkw at 20psi, drops off to 18 up top. The intercooler swap I gained around 15kw through most of the midrange, and 50nm more torque. The turbo is out of puff completely now, but it was a worthwhile swap. The car is much punchier and quicker. The only downside is you'll need to relocate the oil cooler as the intercooler pipe exits where you have it - mine was the same! And you'll need to put in a aftermarket washer bottle
  7. Recaro's seem to be a bit bigger than Brides - and you can get knock off Brides in XL sizes through Just Jap etc I put a Recaro SR3 in my R34, it's a tight fit for the seat in the car - and it's a good fit for me at 6'1 and 130kg (fat bastard!)
  8. Look up Arcus Engineering on Facebook, he's doing some new centre caps
  9. Steer clear of the fake R35 GTR injectors on ebay, or any injectors on ebay really I went with Bosch 550's from KPM Motorsport and then the same type but 1000cc - they work very well
  10. https://www.kpmfuelsystems.com.au/product/kpm550s-6-nissan-skyline-r34-neo-rb25/ I've upgraded to 1000cc injectors so these are up for sale. KPM flow match these to within 1%, which is handy. Had just over a year of weekend use, around 5000kms all up - just gone bigger with E85 Will be suitable for a 300kw petrol setup with plenty of headroom, mine made 280kw on E85 Will need adapters to suit, they can be had cheaply on Golebys - https://www.golebysparts.com.au/collections/injector-connectors-adapters/products/golebys-parts-injector-harness-adaptor?variant=31980256395373 $300 Express Posted within Australia
  11. I don't really understand how such a simple thing can be so misunderstood! Either block your PCV and vent the rocker covers to atmosphere into a CATCH CAN - with a hole at least 1" in diameter for each hose going into it so pressure can escape, preferably with a filter/s to catch some of the oil jizz Or keep your PCV valve stock and install a SEALED OIL/AIR SEPARATOR r that goes between the rocker covers and hose into the turbo inlet They are the only two options that exist for it to work properly
  12. Same can be said for spare parts, they've really dried up! Given the cars were popular with the drifters, this accelerated the process of parts depletion I remember people throwing away RB20's - they fetch good money now ?
  13. If you are on facebook, look up the ER34 Crew page Always a few popping up on there for sale, I'm sure someone would help out
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