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  1. I did the Evo Caliper/Evo10/ Alpha Omega front conversion on my 34 over Christmas From a few people I'd spoken to via a FB group, series 1 R34's had a BM44, and series 2 has a BM50 The BM50 has L5 cast onto it, the BM44 has L4 cast onto it People with the BM44 had issues with the ABS not kicking in if you jumped on the brakes hard. Someone mentioned it was a volume issue Mine with the BM50 seems to work great so far. I had a similar issue about with a squishy pedal when I swapped to 33 brakes on my 32. I put the calipers on the wrong side, and couldn't bleed the brakes as the nipples were at the bottom Looking back that was pretty funny - check the bleed nipples are at the top
  2. My Series 2 did indeed have a stock Garrett turbo. It had a alloy compressor wheel but had a ceramic turbine wheel. I've got a few pictures of it saved somewhere - it had OP6 cast into the exhaust housing With a front mount intercooler, 3" exhaust and nistune it made 190kw at 10psi. It made next to no gain at 12psi, so we kept it at 10 I had good success with the Turbo Tech boost valve (still use one today)
  3. What colour is yours? I often see a Black coupe around Golden Grove
  4. https://www.ndn21.com/about Should be a good one to check out
  5. Business Name - Color On Demand Business shop address - 52 Hurtle Square, Adelaide SA 5000 Business shipping address - 52 Hurtle Square, Adelaide SA 5000 Business website URL - www.colorondemand.com.au Business contact number - (08)82323636 Business contact email - chris@colorondemand.com.au Link to returns policy - as stickers are custom made for businesses/applications, we email proofs for approval prior to printing for assurance prior to printing
  6. Just to update, my setup is making 280 with the 550's and a Walbro 460 in tank pump. The HKS 2535 is a great street turbo with E85
  7. I'll grab the upper arms if still available
  8. I'm guessing at the end of the day, whatever the results the motor isn't going to be repaired to fix the compression issues 😀 Be interesting to document the compression over a few months and see if it becomes more consistent
  9. I've always looked for consistency rather than a PSI figure with compression testers - at around 10psi difference in your last test I'd say it's OK Does it use any oil?
  10. I run a stock GTT actuator and a Turbo Tech valve and have no problems running 20psi dropping to 17/18psi - 280kw Blitz turnflow cooler and HKS 2535 with the .6 exhaust housing I'd be swapping the actuator or trying another boost controller
  11. I've had a set of these on for the last 6 months or so - http://sailuntyre.eu/plt/R01-SPORT.html Did the Adelaide Rally with them, and weekend driving etc. Pretty impressed, have a few track days coming up and will update Cost effective at around $130 fitted for 235/40/18
  12. Long overdue for an update! Injectors twice, and new Suspension as of October 2019 Back in May I decided to swap the injectors out for a bit of safety margin. After some research, I settled on a set of stock 35 GTR injectors. At 570cc, and a straight drop in, I pulled the trigger on a set I found on ebay. These went in and it tuned up to the same 255kw, but at much less duty cycle – happy days! However, the next day I took a trip up to The Bend for a passenger ride day with Openpitlane.com. Cruising on the freeway, I’d get the odd pop out of the exhaust every minute or so. I figured the tune might need adjusting so I carried on. It got worse. And after 50kms I pulled over an disconnected the O2 sensor. Seemed ok, so I continued on. After the day was finished, the car started up on 4 cylinders and then kicked onto 6 after about 10 seconds – like it had a fouled plug. This continued for a few days and I realised it wasn’t going to fix itself. Back to Boostworx, where it was diagnosed as a leaky injector. Awesome. The seller agreed to send me 1 replacement, however I still needed to work out which one as dodgy. I then stumbled on video from a fellow SAU member - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etukUT5SPgw and this one I had the fake ones of course! I really didn’t think it would be worth someone faking 35 GTR injectors, however I was wrong! I presented this evidence to the seller, and was issued with a refund. Buyer beware of fake R35 GTR injectors So fast forward, I ended up getting a set of KPM 550cc injectors with adapter plugs, and swapped them over, touched up the tune a little and was back to 255kw. In the period between the fake injectors running and putting in the 550’s my fuel pump stopped completely also. So in went a Walbro 255 from Sleeka Spares. Now the cars a weekender, I decided on switching to E85 as I want to do some track days and like the idea of the safety margin you get with E85. Should have got the 1000cc injectors earlier in the year, but there is enough in the 550’s to get me to just shy of 280kw with a pretty conservative tune based around the track day usage Also put some Bilstein suspension in, that I picked up to suit 34 GTT with coilover conversion kit already installed. These were near new, and have tightened up the handling nicely. I used some ISC strut tops to suit the shorter stroke shocks – they work great Pics to follow
  13. Got to 278 without too much hassle, swapped the pump out to a Walbro 460lph unit prior to tuning As per most E85 results, picked up power and torque everywhere. Still some more left in it if I really wanted to squeeze it, but the tune was done with some upcoming track days so it's reasonably conservative Happy with the results given the basic mods it has
  14. Birds - I've looked for a build thread, what did your injectors/pump top out at running E85?
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