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  1. Steer clear of the fake R35 GTR injectors on ebay, or any injectors on ebay really I went with Bosch 550's from KPM Motorsport and then the same type but 1000cc - they work very well
  2. https://www.kpmfuelsystems.com.au/product/kpm550s-6-nissan-skyline-r34-neo-rb25/ I've upgraded to 1000cc injectors so these are up for sale. KPM flow match these to within 1%, which is handy. Had just over a year of weekend use, around 5000kms all up - just gone bigger with E85 Will be suitable for a 300kw petrol setup with plenty of headroom, mine made 280kw on E85 Will need adapters to suit, they can be had cheaply on Golebys - https://www.golebysparts.com.au/collections/injector-connectors-adapters/products/golebys-parts-injector-harness-adaptor?variant=31980256395373 $300 Express Posted within Australia
  3. I don't really understand how such a simple thing can be so misunderstood! Either block your PCV and vent the rocker covers to atmosphere into a CATCH CAN - with a hole at least 1" in diameter for each hose going into it so pressure can escape, preferably with a filter/s to catch some of the oil jizz Or keep your PCV valve stock and install a SEALED OIL/AIR SEPARATOR r that goes between the rocker covers and hose into the turbo inlet They are the only two options that exist for it to work properly
  4. Same can be said for spare parts, they've really dried up! Given the cars were popular with the drifters, this accelerated the process of parts depletion I remember people throwing away RB20's - they fetch good money now ?
  5. If you are on facebook, look up the ER34 Crew page Always a few popping up on there for sale, I'm sure someone would help out
  6. i guess it all depends on the availability of the other parts you need to fit the 2535. The one in the link has the oil feed line, but doesn't have the coolant lines, 90 degree elbow or oil drain to make it a bolt on kit. Add the cost of buying these and it doesn't look cheap anymore And then you don't know if it's in working condition. It looks ok, but any turbo does if you give it a clean! The other option is the hypergear high flow - which they can supply the donor turbo if needed and send it to you. I'm not sure if you have a R33 or R34 but in theory you could get the exact turbo made to suit your power goals and have it bolt on 100% if there are limited options for fabrication etc
  7. Is it this one? https://www.croooober.com/en/item/cparts/00000132/Turbines/11896643/HKS-Etch-KS-GT2535-56T
  8. Yep, that's the path I'll most likely end up going - however this is doing the job well at the moment
  9. Nah I'm pretty set on putting in the one I have, it will be a bit of an overkill at the moment but I have always liked the GTR end tank design - more of a project to satisfy my curiosity than anything ?
  10. I've been running one for the last 5 odd years - they are a great little turbo. I paid bugger all for mine My current setup is HKS 2535, Blitz return flow intercooler, 3" exhaust, pump, injectors and e85 - makes 280rwkw at 20psi and has minimal lag. Made 255 running 98 for years before I went to e85 Fitting wise, I couldn't use the stock oil and water lines, I had to get a kit from MTQ - they had this as a off the shelf kit. The stock oil drain also doesn't fit, so I had to buy one from MTQ also I also had to use a silicone 90 degree elbow off the compressor housing, as mine didn't come with the HKS 90 degree bend. The dump pipe is bolt on, I have a split style that merges a fair way down the dump pipe I've attached a dyno comparison between the stock turbo making 190kw v the 2535. Now the curve is much the same but another 25kw
  11. Sorry should have been more specific I'm putting a GTR intercooler into a GTT, so will need a kit like this - https://justjap.com/catalog/product/view/_ignore_category/1/id/22631/s/cooling-pro-intercooler-piping-kit-nissan-r33-r34-skyline-c34-stagea-rb25det-1/ Not GTR pipework
  12. Before I go custom, has anyone got any intercooler plumbing to suit a GTR intercooler into R34 GTT The typical over the radiator style, as I'm keeping the factory T/C etc
  13. I did the Evo Caliper/Evo10/ Alpha Omega front conversion on my 34 over Christmas From a few people I'd spoken to via a FB group, series 1 R34's had a BM44, and series 2 has a BM50 The BM50 has L5 cast onto it, the BM44 has L4 cast onto it People with the BM44 had issues with the ABS not kicking in if you jumped on the brakes hard. Someone mentioned it was a volume issue Mine with the BM50 seems to work great so far. I had a similar issue about with a squishy pedal when I swapped to 33 brakes on my 32. I put the calipers on the wrong side, and couldn't bleed the brakes as the nipples were at the bottom Looking back that was pretty funny - check the bleed nipples are at the top
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