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  1. Please contact me on 0416424446 if interested, cheers.
  2. 300rwkw daily driver running 22psi on 98 petrol- dyno sheets available Mature owner for 6 years, never raced or abused, clean car. Timing belt and water pump changed at 100 000kms Oil and filters regularly changed every 7000kms Gearbox and diff oils done Accident free and no money owing Need this gone as I need a 4 door Precision 5858 0.63a/r ball bearing turbo- sharp lowdown response Turbosmart 38mm wastegate with pipe merged into 3inch dump 3inch custom turbo back exhaust - very mellow & smooth sounding with the wicked RB scream when needed PowerFC with commander Electronic boost controller Walbro 255 lph fuel pump 750cc injectors Z32 airflow meter Large front mount intercooler and piping kit Boost gauge Short shift kit NPC Carbotic heavy duty clutch-only slightly stiffer than stock Bilstein height adjustable suspension- very nice and firm not harsh like coilovers 18 inch deep dish rims with aggressive fitment HICAS lock bar Adjustable camber arms Front strut brace 265/40/18 Federal 595RSRR semi slicks on the back, these grip n go! Tuned by JEM and also Unigroup Nothing left to do, just enjoy! No swaps and no test pilots thanks. Please note that price is $22500 ono, come have a look n throw me an offer
  3. Talking 4-6wks wtf.. But its the 595 RR nit RSR which is available, told its a newer version of the same.. So kinda at the crossroads
  4. Rang up places -they dont have the hankooks in 265, but 275 and lower .. Federals available n kinda tempted, its a bloody long wait for the rs3s
  5. Nizmo Man- Hankook rs3 or Federal 595 rsr (now rr) which are $50 cheaper per corner
  6. Ok.. Just wondering if people use either of these tyres on their dailys. I just wana eliminate 2nd gear wheelspin (and some of 1st), and I'm a happy fella. Dont care which tyre, hopefully they last more that 10-15,000kms too.
  7. Personally the rs3 feels a lot softer than the federal 595rsr's which felt quite hard at the local tyre shop, meaning considerably less grip?
  8. 300rwkw R34 Tyres- Achilles ATR Sport 2. Size -235/35/18 Dry - 4/10, wheelspins 1st, 2nd easy, bit of 3rd sometimes on high boost Wet - 2/10, never cane it in wet but spins on wet hill stop & go if not riding clutch. 100% daily driver Now looking for a pair of 265/35/18 (9.5 rim) for rears, either hankook rs3 or 595rsr. Where to get these cheap in Sydney? In ebay the rs3 is $250 a corner and the 595rsr $189. Decisions decisions..
  9. And thats on a 100% street 300rwkw car so nothing like track abuse
  10. Hahahaha... Performance? Stock pads I had felt better. These pads have no place in this world.
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