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  1. aussiebooster

    Thanks man
  2. aussiebooster

    Fantastic.... im interested in the passenger only. Where are you located? Also is there a plug on the indicator or can be transfered from another? Appreciate you getting back to me. Sent from my SM-G920I using SAU Community mobile app
  3. aussiebooster

    Thanks... for a GTST
  4. WTB R32 passenger side indicator - urgent Hey Guys. I desperately need a passenger side indicator for my R32. I need the clear version, not the full amber. I am on the Gold Coast QLD, but will travel or pay postage. Thanks. BC
  5. Ok sounds good. I will PM you.
  6. Looking for: - Centre Air Con Vent - Drivers side pillar plastic panel (front section where tachos usually go) - Passenger side rear pillar plastic panel (between back window and back door) - Passenger side front inicator (providing its semi amber) Poor little car