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  1. Its still a waste of money. Maintain your car so that you can sell it later and put the money into your account for the purchase of the turbo powered car that you really want down the track when you have the full licence.
  2. The actual attessa systems on the R33 and R34 are each a major upgrade from the R32 system so just changing the controller may not give you a dramatic difference.
  3. You don't really have to make it from scratch yourself. There are shops in NZ (as well as in Australia) who could make a manifold from welded steam pipe (not cast and not thin stainless) which would support any of the well known modern turbos. They have done so many of these for every kind of RB that just with the details of the turbo you want to use and the car you have it could be shipped to you and would fit like a glove. Just two of these shops are RIPS https://www.ripsracing.com/ and Sinco https://www.sincocustoms.com/ and for you viewing pleasure the manifold I got in the mail from Sinco many years ago now:
  4. What he said...stock belt, stock thermostat, stock water pump and single turbo! http://www.goodezilla.com/rb26dett-skyline-gtr-single-turbo-vs-twin-turbo
  5. Won't that cost more than your 1993 corolla cigarette lighter?
  6. If you give them a bashing drive quietly on the way home...or if you are on the track do a cool down lap.
  7. You gonna need some massive rubber. Stretched look not cool on a GTR.
  8. Check battery voltage and alternator output. Also battery connections.
  9. Not much in the way of tuning you can do. Pull out a plug and if it looks old or the gap has grown to 1.2mm or more get a new set of plugs.
  10. These were sold new in NZ so probably genuine mileage: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/nissan/auction-2485856606.htm?rsqid=300b309c06a04f9db08a2252053a2b84-001
  11. An auto electrical store should be able to find something or try a wrecker.
  12. Apart from the hassle I presume this is not costing you money? What has Adaptronic got to say? A Link fan myself but Tao from Hypergear in Campbellfield has been fitting Adaptronics including to R34s with great success. Maybe give him a ring.
  13. If you can't find a second hand Haltech or Link ecu then maybe Nistune will do but if you want to run VCT you may need an R34 ecu.
  14. Have you considered the Link ECU? These guys are agents. Although apparently Subaru specialists may be worth a phone call: https://www.itunesubies.com/
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