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  1. I'd bet quids on it being the wrong pistons. I have seen it done before (I think it was Dave B with his S2 who tried everything but ended up being an engine out job to fit another set of pistons) and it seems the correct pistons have to be a custom order as they are hard to find in stock anywhere. Do a compression test - that will cost you nothing and give you an instant answer
  2. KiwiRS4T


    And the answer to the OP's title is: why not?
  3. If you have a line going to the ecu its probably for a map sensor...assuming you have an aftermarket ecu
  4. Got a multimeter and a charger? Fully charge the battery, disconnect it it, measure the voltage and then retest after as long an interval as possible and see if it is holding the charge...or fully charge it and take it to a battery shop for testing.
  5. Disconnect the sensor overnight and see if it starts and runs ok. If the sensor is not sending a signal the ecu reverts to a cold start map which will work until you turn the engine off. A new sensor was about $30 from an auto electrician (its not a Nissan specific part) so not too hard to replace.
  6. KiwiRS4T


    I think the NZ site predated this one but it is almost moribund these days as most have gravitated to this site as it is now pretty much the worlds biggest source of information on Skylines, RBs, and related interests...
  7. KiwiRS4T


    Are you serious? As a rough guess I would say it stands for Skylines Australia ... the Kiwi site is SDU which stands for Skylines Down Under
  8. 9000 rev/min was not dry sumped just well balanced with aftermarket small end bolts and tomei oil pump.
  9. How many RPM do you want ? 10 years ago RIPS was running 9000rpm boosted and has had some RB30s fully built at 10,000rpm. Extra capacity is the easiest way to make more power on an n/a engine
  10. I can get an R33 condenser for $50 It could cost up to $100 to post it but if you don't have any better options I can check to see if it is still for sale. I can't imagine the GTR having any special condenser ...unless anyone knows better... but if you are still in need post up the dimensions: H X W X D
  11. You don't need a tuner just a timing light (any mechanic should have one if you don't) and set the timing. I think its 20deg for an auto but check first.
  12. The desire to make a GT350 produce "pops" makes no sense.
  13. Interesting to note that the Reebok car managed with the stock inlet manifold...
  14. On the S1 Stagea (R33 engine) the trans cooler looks like the one in the picture. On the S2 (neo engine) there is a proper trans cooler like the PWR kit (rectangular). So some of the S1 guys (such as SK) uprated the trans cooler and used the original one for the power steering.
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