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  1. The info is on the second chart: Nistune chip, Z32 afm, 3in exhaust, stock manifolds, GTX36/71 and E85 fuel but it looks like still with SMIC. I would suggest for you Nistune chip, Z32 AFM, suitable Hypergear turbo, 3in exhaust, FMIC and ID1000 or 750 injectors (I know the injectors look too big but these modern injectors will work well at low duty cycles). To quote admS15: Hypergear highflowed stock turbo will give you a bit more and will hold boost better up top and is direct bolt on. Power does tail off around 6500rpm but can make around 250-260rwkw and costs around $900. Only negative thing about it is its journal bearing. Still works good. I have one, made 260kw on 98 and 312 on e85.
  2. Why do you not get a reversing camera instead?
  3. Basically it drives the car by turning the crank. Needs room for the unit, and room for the drive belts. How much does it cost? Would like to see dyno figures to see just how much extra power it generates! cf petrol in NZ about NZ$8 per US gallon!
  4. The trouble with this sort of mod is that almost no-one does it in isolation - they do it as part of a rebuild/upgrade so you will be very lucky to find anyone able to offer a before and after comparison.
  5. The ECU is behind the passenger's kick panel. Yes if you buy a suitable key there are instructions in here somewhere on how to program it.
  6. 140 compression is fine - the question is what is the range of compressions 1 - 6?
  7. Your Hitachi ECU is not tunable but it is capable of being fitted with a Nistune chip and then it can be tuned - but no point really on a DE.
  8. Some C34s have a key with two buttons for remote locking. . S1 had the R33 Mitsubishi CAS but some later S1 had the R34 Hitachi CAS . Has your car got the Neo engine that featured in some late S1 cars? S1 ECUs are OV300, OV301 or OV310 and are not able to be Nistuned. S2 ECUs have numbers like OV811 and can be Nistuned.
  9. Stock is fine 9 to 1 is fine ...properly assembled and tuned CR will not be the cause of engine failure.
  10. Someone with Nissan Fast could tell you that (see attached example I happen to have on file) but the one I listed is an OV811
  11. Here's one: but why do you want it? you can just nistune yours...
  12. Cheaper still keep the stock plenum.
  13. You can make a Link work with an auto but really Nistune is better...and they have the ability to cope with a lot more than they used to so will handle any power upgrades and even support dual fuel I believe.
  14. Top mount and a FF plenum won't give you any more power. If you get a bigger turbo and Nistune chip you can fit new injectors into the Neo set up if you get the right ones.
  15. Try the stock regulator. How much boost are you running? High flowed turbo with stock ecu does not sound like a good combination.