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  1. Well they are all old. You need a set of new OEM or Splitfires.
  2. Do you have the shroud fitted?
  3. Drill and tap a nipple
  4. Sure? Does it have a Mitsubish (R33) or Hitachi (late r33 or R34) CAS?
  5. Didn't fill it properly the first time?
  6. Well if its a 2000 car it should have a Neo engine in it so will be same as R34
  7. This my RB30 controlled by Link and Mac valve:
  8. Use this guide but do not use the loop at the back use no 1 coil 25DET, neo all the same:
  9. Auto fluid passes through a heat exchanger in the bottom of the radiator.
  10. Sell off the Profec and control boost with the Link through a Mac valve.
  11. Stock is 1.1mm Are they actually new coils or second hand?
  12. Nistune chip is the solution.