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  1. Look for a DET head. Apart from the flow the DE exhaust cam has 6.9mm lift the DET 8.7mm.
  2. Everything is known about these engines. Buy what you can find - Neo is better but any turbo 25 will do if you are desperate.
  3. Back in the day I had completely reconditioned my Austin Healey 3000 and on my first run was disconcerted to see a cloud of smoke coming out the exhaust pipes. Luckily only two weeks later I got the answer in the (snail) mail from the (UK) club newsletter. " if you have reconditioned your oil pump you may find excessive oil getting up into the top of the engine" . The solution was not the kind of oil restrictor I have been selling to RB users the last few years but "chop a section out of a six inch nail and drop it into the feed" . These days you just Google the problem and instant solutions are put in front of you.
  4. And/or buy a new fuel filter and cut the old one open to see what's inside.
  5. Are you looking to buy from Japan? This listing gives the name of a Japanese company... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/nissan/auction-2685852912.htm?rsqid=38d842ed9f56419bbd445ed199a48494-004
  6. They don't appear to be that rare - less then $100 on ebay.
  7. Venting to atmosphere is illegal most places but anyway as stated above if you have an efficient catch can you will not be flooding the intake with oil. Connecting to the intake will also promote some negative pressure which will help to ventilate the crank case and depending on how much track work you are doing there should not be too much getting into the catch can anyway.
  8. There is a number of BMW owners forums - have a search and you may find someone who can help you.
  9. I see that you have already asked this question and got all the answers back in March. Did you get a GT4 or is your car RWD only in which case the only difference is you can buy any RB25DET (preferably with a gearbox) and then spend money doing that up.
  10. Just an outside chance it could be for 2wd operation if you have a 4wd but don't try it til you have read this: hmm the below is for a C34 - don't know if it applies to your car.... Locate the "air bleed" wire behind the drivers kick panel, it's a plug with a single wire either side (usually green socket, white plug). Disconnect it. Start car. As key comes back to the ON position, within 10 seconds, depress brake pedal 5 times, 4WD light will start flashing to indicate you are in 2WD mode. To go back to 4WD mode, turn car off, reconnect plug and off you go. I have hooked mine to a switch in the centre console.
  11. Gidday! Lots of info in the Stagea (Wagoneers) section on what to look for. Are you looking at the C34 or M35 route?
  12. If you have a stock motor you will probably find 300RWKW plenty to be going on with and you could achieve that with just the bolt-ons and pump fuel on an unopened engine. Then later if you still want more you could get the forged pistons and balance etc and turn up the boost.
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