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  1. So where are the pics? dyno charts?
  2. Not a fan of catch can air filters. If you have that much stuff coming out on a regular basis you need an in-line air/oil separator or a second catch can - pull the hoses off to see if its coming from the sump or the cam covers...and then route the (last) catch can into the turbo intake.
  3. 1. Lower the motor. 2. If you get a FFP with a 90mm aperture get an adapter so you can use a 65mm t/b
  4. You can get a universal one from Repco (ACAROX203) for under a hundred but you have to re-attach the plug or you can get a genuine one from Kudos for about $150
  5. PS Obviously I have not posted a new topic on here for a while - I was stuck on "you must enter a tag" and I have not idea what is required here! After a few minutes I typed in "https" and that seemed to work but I have no idea why or what was actually being looked for????
  6. Here is an ad for an R34 GTR - it includes a link to a YouTube video commentary on the model:
  7. The challenge would be to fit the collars to one of a pair of similar NM35s and get a third person to drive both and see if they can pick which one has had the collars fitted. Looks good in theory but I am sceptical about the actual benefits. Happy to be proved wrong as long as someone else is paying!
  8. Try getting your head repaired first.
  9. If you can find the pin on the back of the speedo then the problem is bypassed.
  10. Here are some instructions from GTR UK or an alternative way of interrupting the signal via an insulated pin. How to install a KMH to MPH converter chip (5 wire). - GT-R Register - Nissan Skyline and GTR Owners Club forum.url Speedo correction.odt Speedo Corrector Installed on a R33 GTR - GT-R Register - Official Nissan Skyline and GTR Owners Club
  11. Easy as. There is a tutorial in the DIY section above. Its for a C34 but much the same.
  12. So do you have to (can you) retune the ECU to suit? Are you saying the Z33 is the same AFM as the R35? And will the same unit work on the VQ35DE?
  13. You may not have to lower the CR but if it is more than a thicker gasket you could make a spacer with a HG either side.