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  1. Got the plug in (mine was an S1...) with an auxiliary loom plus AIT sensor and a bigger MAP sensor as the built in one was only 2 bar.
  2. Mine was a factory auto but converted with GTR gearbox and rear end (I think GTSBoy missed the bit where you had converted to manual).
  3. Did you use the original wiring for the fuel pump? If not directly wiring it may help. BTW good idea to get a window switch for the VCT (although that is not your main problem ATM).
  4. Well I put a Link in my Stagea but apart from the usual functions I just used it for boost control although I believe it is capable of the other tasks that you require. .. but I believe top of the line Haltech will also do what you want.
  5. No kidding...look at these! https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/nissan/gearboxes/listing-2584702119.htm?rsqid=c8e0627ef49f46a396defb373e11c27f-003 https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/nissan/gearboxes/listing-2589710014.htm?rsqid=c8e0627ef49f46a396defb373e11c27f-003
  6. If you fitted a dry abs unit you can have trouble bleeding the system.
  7. That's correct unless someone has put an earlier crank in it...
  8. Presumably with used units. You need to check each wheel. Another possible source of new M/C is Kudos Motorsport. I presume you have replaced the old fluid with new and properly bled the system?
  9. The one I listed is supposed to be brand new, not refurbished. Your average workshop will not do the work - you need a brake specialist. You will not likely find a kit on Ebay. Brake boosters can fail but you would have the opposite problem - a lack of assistance, not the pedal sinking to the floor. Have you checked each corner of the car for leaking brake fluid?
  10. If you take your M/C to a brake specialist they should be able to repair it with new seals. If it is badly worn and pitted they can resleeve it. If you can find a new one it is likely to be up around $400 -$500. Have you checked out the supplier below? They have a couple of items they say will fit the R34. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OEM-QUALITY-Brake-Master-Cylinder-For-NISSAN-280ZX-S130-Part-JB1362/172450975591?fits=Plat_Gen%3AR34|Make%3ANissan&hash=item2826e10f67:g:KmcAAO Or try Amayama...I have previously bought an R33 M/C from Nissan in NZ but I believe most Aussie dealers will not get one for you.
  11. Its not going to be as reliable as your Honda because it will probably be older than you are! The key to reliability is regular servicing and replacing old parts like wiring looms etc before they fail. If the engine is still sound you can modify it sensibly and get a good tune. Go through the modified RB25 DET posts to see what other people have done.
  12. You need to take this seriously mate. Trump didn't and as a result a quarter of a million or more Americans could die. There are going to be long term consequences of this pandemic and in the modern connected world it will have to be defeated in every country before we can expect anything resembling normalcy.
  13. 355 is another story - I thought you wanted bigger. Both Duncan (above) and I have used brakes variously known as K Sport or D2 brakes but not with stock R34 wheels - mine were Rays TE37 . If you google 355 brake fitment you might get lucky.
  14. Its rated for "up to 1,800hp" so should be adequate for your needs. Then again some people run no BOV....
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