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  1. KiwiRS4T

    I had a set of Nismo shocks on My C34 - they were rebadged Bilsteins and worked fine.
  2. KiwiRS4T

    No ECU is really "plug and play" - some can supply a tune that will get you to the dyno but every car is different and you will still need a tuner.
  3. KiwiRS4T

    Who's Jackie? Get Kelford to supply you with what you want.
  4. Original owner has wasted money on a FFP and a fuel regulator when what he NEEDED was bigger injectors and a tunable ecu...either a Link, adaptronic etc or for less money and a little investigation a Nistune set up.
  5. KiwiRS4T

    Try the bluetooth device in another car to see if it might be faulty
  6. KiwiRS4T up some pics! Learn the basics first - regular service items - and don't go buying things until you are quite sure what benefits they will bring...
  7. KiwiRS4T


    Either just leave it alone or put the stock cams back in. Looking at my boost curve 1 bar is achieved at 3500 and that's with a .63 front so you are doing pretty well.
  8. Or rather than continuing to throw parts (and money) at it go to NZEFI - they should be able to sort it quickly.
  9. KiwiRS4T


    Some people buy Poncams just for the lumpy idle (not saying this is you but maybe that's the market they are aimed at).. So put the stockers back in. Also road test all your mods - do not rely on Dyno charts alone - they are useful but do not always tell you what you will feel on the road.
  10. KiwiRS4T

    If you pull the plugs out after attempting to start you should be able to tell which if any have petrol on them.
  11. KiwiRS4T

    If the half moon is broken off what is turning the CAS? What kind of head did you fit?
  12. Why have you left the pcv valve hole unblocked? Where is the catch can vented to - to turbo intake or to atmosphere? Rear "vent " to crankcase could be useless or worse - conducting pressure to the top. Why did your turbo seals blow? Oil temps seem excessive. What did your tune look like esp AFRs and did you measure EGTs?
  13. KiwiRS4T
  14. The best tuners charge and arm and a leg. Or you could get yourself a wideband meter and have a go yourself.
  15. Google R32GTR + VK56 and you will find a few examples.