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  1. A Power FC is no different from any other ECU in needing to be tuned for the turbo injectors etc that you have fitted. It has no magic properties that allows it to tune itself. Nistune would be the cheapest but I believe Hypergear is selling Adaptronics so you may be able to get one, with a good enough tune to drive to a tuner, supplied with it.
  2. KiwiRS4T

    1. Nissan 2 Try another locksmith
  3. To save unnecessary problems identify your local engineer and have a talk about your plans so you can be sure everything you do will comply without having to re-do things.
  4. Yep go RB30 and, depending on your ambition, go as cheaply as possible. Just clean up the block and do rings and bearings get a decent turbo, intercooler, exhaust and ecu. new fuel pump and injectors. Keep the stock manifolds, throttle body fpr and cams. You will love the way it drives. Unless you are made of money and want bling in which case the sky is the limit.
  5. Don't start new threads - it just wastes time.
  6. KiwiRS4T

    The Cusco product is 80W 140 or 80W 90 You can buy it from It may be expensive but so is your diff and you won't need to change it very often.
  7. Read the thread. Why would you want 10.5in rims and condemn yourself to buying super expensive tyres?
  8. KiwiRS4T

    If you are an isolated Skyline owner you have a problem. The easiest way to eliminate problems is to swap out units with a mate with a known good engine and if there is anyone near you that would be simple. As you have cleaned the fuel system that's a start although if you could pressure test to see if the pump is up to scratch that would be good. I don't think dirty injectors are likely to give you the symptoms you describe, If you haven't already done so installing some new plugs would be a good idea and a look at the old ones may give you some clues. While you are at it you could thoroughly clean the coils but if they are the originals they could probably do with replacement. If you carefully mark the CAS you could take that off and turn it by hand feeling for roughness. My guess (and that's all it is) would be the fuel pump.
  9. For anything by the sound of it. Glad you got it sorted!
  10. KiwiRS4T

    I'll try and upload them in landscape as they seem to be bigger that way...yep if you click on these they come up quite well.
  11. KiwiRS4T

    3 deg negative at the front is fine for the track but too much for street use. Steering in a straight line will be affected as will tyre wear.
  12. ^^^what he said. Ring around for the price of a good tune - it will suck up a big part of your budget
  13. Bore size is like gearing. Small bore means more pedal travel with less resistance. A bigger bore will mean less travel but harder pedal. The biggest stocker is the GTR BM57 but something close to that will help. Also steel braided brake lines will help.
  14. There are instructions in the how to do it section. (Tutorials DIY FAQ)
  15. KiwiRS4T

    Gidday! How about some pics of your car? New or better coils should be high on the list as should some kind of electronic boost control. Consider a single turbo conversion: Cams can wait - a good tuner will get the best out of your current set up with the adjustable cam gears. Six speed gearbox would be nice but probably new turbo set up a better use for your money. Then injectors to suit. Happy spending - I mean modifying!