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  1. KiwiRS4T

    Don't know about the R33 but if its like the Stagea there is a module in front of the handbrake sitting on top of the tunnel (under the cover)
  2. KiwiRS4T

    Or RB30 block $200
  3. KiwiRS4T

    Very nice. Wheels look ok too! Got a budget for mods or have you spent all your money buying the car and have to save up?
  4. There is a great rotary scene and lots of support here in NZ but get on-line and see what clubs etc are around your area (you don't say where you are).
  5. KiwiRS4T

    Only to your wallet.
  6. Just go to a hose doctor like ENZED, Hydraulink or Pirtek or whoever you have in your town and they'll make you one.
  7. Get the size right and you should be able to buy them for less than that from an engineering supply store.
  8. KiwiRS4T

    Guarantee you'll bang your head against a wall and say "why didn't I listen" if you go with 4.3!
  9. KiwiRS4T

    Yes especially as OP is not building a track car. Open road cruising at 3000 rev/min will soon become tiresome...even 4.1 is about 2700. Look for a complete GTR rear end ( I found one for $1200) and then you get the LSD, the axles, alloy hubs and 2 pot brakes.
  10. The R33 was really huge - which they belatedly realised and so they made the R34 75mm shorter.
  11. Waste of space! Didn't the original one have two R35 engines one each end? OK maybe just one:
  12. KiwiRS4T

    With 550hp it will seem too low. Open road cruising will be tiresome at almost 3000 rpm. But I notice you have yet to take delivery of the car. As everyone else will say - don't do it! If you want 550hp buy a turbo car. If you are on your P plates buy a Corolla and save up for the GTT.
  13. KiwiRS4T

    If you are going to have huge power definitely 4.1 front and rear (and no, they cannot be different). In fact for a road car I would have liked the R34 GTR 3.54 to 1 ratio but if you are tracking it I guess the 4.1 will do it. The titanium exhaust is super expensive and you may not like the noise it makes - just get a custom steel one made up. I used the GTR BM57 M/C although something slightly smaller would probably be fine.
  14. KiwiRS4T

    Have you tried DBA? You'll have to give them a ring as they don't list all the sizes.
  15. KiwiRS4T

    I had the previous model...beautiful car with its 2.8i engine 4 wheel discs and independent suspension it was way ahead of the other "family" cars of the day.