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  1. KiwiRS4T

    In NZ a company called Gull sells what they call "Force 10 " which uses 10% ethanol to make 98 RON
  2. KiwiRS4T

    Sadly likely to be a piston - possibly broken ring lands. RBs will run surprisingly well on 5 cylinders. Yes do a leak down test to confirm.
  3. What is the car? Considered changing your diff ratio?
  4. KiwiRS4T

    Looking good! (BTW aluminium wheel nuts genuine or otherwise are not generally approved).
  5. Wow I'll have to start exporting them from NZ to USA! Presumably you can register LHD cars (steering wheel on right)?
  6. Some R34 prices from NZ (these are asking prices - don't know what people are actually paying) $110k, $105, $119, $135, $136 and $140 (yes there are a lot for sale ...good luck with those prices!) R33 GTRs are $45k and $59K. A low mileage 2008 GTR is $60!
  7. I don't think ECUtek has the capability to "cut the throttle" only reports what it sees.
  8. KiwiRS4T

    You need "anti freeze" in your system to protect against corrosion. Have you thoroughly bled the cooling system? Google for instructions if you are not sure.
  9. KiwiRS4T

    Seems to be a Nissan feature. I had a Teanna and a Maxima and they both started reading M/T with about 1/3 tank left and then pick up and then read empty again.
  10. Guru or not you are not going to get an extra 100KW with those "mods". You will at least need to set your boost to 10 to get a noticeable increase. Front mount and better exhaust will help...
  11. KiwiRS4T

    if all else fails you could measure it.
  12. KiwiRS4T

    You will blow your budget if your stock turbo goes - I would stick to 10 psi. And you don't even need a boost T you can do it yourself (and buy a second hand PFC - save yourself a lot of wiring). 10min boost increase.doc 10min boost pics.odt
  13. KiwiRS4T

    Sorry can't help with the dwell times but super impressed with an AWD S14!
  14. KiwiRS4T

    Needs a supercharger!
  15. In NZ Robbie from RIPS has a rock solid track record building his own and customer's engines. Does a lot of exporting - builds cars for English Premier League players (so not bargain basement builds) but worth getting a quote: