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  1. Did you search with Google? There is heaps of info on that subject.
  2. What's AYC? GTSTs are probably older than you are so to make them competitive with an Evo will require the expenditure of loads of cash. As my local workshop guy says "anything is possible if you have the will, the time, and the money".
  3. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/APEXI-Power-FC-ECU-ONLY-FOR-NISSAN-ECR33-RB25DET-8-93-5-98-414BN032/153059081514?hash=item23a3083d2a:g:iLwAAOSwnOtbH23e or https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/APEXI-Power-FC-1992-1995-FOR-NISSAN-SKYLINE-ECR33-GTST-414-BN032/182394545050?epid=616107272&hash=item2a778fe39a:g:WP8AAOSwEzxYWNFC but in 2019 I would suggest a Link ECU or similar.
  4. No. Your exhaust must terminate behind the rear bumper. Check your catback to see if it is the same diameter throughout. Many JDM systems have a 2 1/2 in restriction at some point.
  5. Check CAS for worn bearing, damaged drive or dodgy connections.
  6. Problem is you can't tune it so its a lucky dip. You won't know if its good or bad unless you dyno the car.. Better to get a Nistune chip.
  7. I got my car certified for all the mods. Yes it cost $600 but that's peanuts compared to the $$$ I poured in to the mods. In NZ all the mods that are allowable if certed are covered by regs so you make sure your car can be approved before you get an inspection. If in doubt or you don't have access to such regs talk to an inspector before you start to make sure its going to be able to be certed.
  8. Did you read Duncan's answer regarding differences in actual size versus nominal size among manufacturers? Are your new tyres the same brand and type (and sourced from the same factory/country) as your previous tyres? Do you have stock wheels and if not what is the width and offset of your current wheels? Another possibility is that you have whacked a kerb with that wheel and damaged the suspension. Spacers are not the only fix. Other solutions are different wheels, tyres, or lock stops.
  9. Your car will explode in a ball of flames.
  10. As above...but if you need parts you just need to go to the right Nissan dealer. Some will not want to know but others will order them in for you. No one will be listing parts from an auto box. If you want to go second hand you have to approach the specialist Nissan wreckers and tell them what you want.
  11. KiwiRS4T

    Usb cable

    Not sure C34 ecu is in LH kick panel but M35 may be behind glovebox. Google for instructions on how to get access.
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