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  1. With that amount of stretch there is a good chance of the tyre slipping off the shoulder with subsequent instant loss of air - seen it before happening to drifters ( better if it happens on the track than on the road).
  2. R32 you can put it into 2wd or you can remove the front driveshaft. If that fixes the problem you may have broken the diff. While you have it up in the air check the front half shafts and cv joints.
  3. I have reread the thread and can find no reference to his AFRs. I have seen a lot of flow charts for Walbros and the drop off in flow with an increase in boost is dramatic with 12v or less. The stock set up (not sure how a GTR is different from my C34 Stagea) will often deliver less than 12v to the pump when running. https://www.efihardware.com/products/2065/800HP-EFI-Submersible-E85-High-Flow-Fuel-Pump-F90000267
  4. I use the Motul or Nismo oil. Its expensive but you don't need much and have you priced a diff rebuild?
  5. Is you Walbro directly wired? Pretty sure the stock wiring will not supply enough power.
  6. Took me 30 seconds (search using "boot" not shroud) https://www.ebay.com/p/852880356
  7. Can you use the centre catch? That might pull it down that last bit...
  8. But check first that the Z tune GTR bumper doesn't also require different front guards...
  9. Looks like you have a Z tune style bumper for R34 GTT. The bonnet is for a GTR conversion. So you need either to change your bumper to a Z tune GTR type bumper or you could get a GTT bonnet like this one: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/body-kits-mouldings/listing-2344168142.htm?rsqid=73bf4b8f6e2542f4a8ed34684579f0b6-003
  10. Just checking - what coil packs did you get?
  11. A 10 kw improvement suggests there is an exhaust restriction so check the rear muffler at least. Stock cooler should be capable of more so as above check pressure either side. And consider trying another tuner.
  12. Check the Attessa reservoir level and then bleed the system at he rear pump and behind the gearbox. Drop the front driveshaft. Its just four bolts and the car will work fine without it (in RWD of course). Then you can check the universals for play
  13. But externally if it is from an AWD Stagea it will have a GTR type sump with built in diff.
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