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  1. Does your gauge have x100 on it somewhere? That would be one bar.
  2. I am sure Steve is right. But if they haven't been messed with the RB20DE injectors should be yellow (RB25DE should be red) . If you can find a way to measure it the 25 stroke is 2mm more than the 20 at 71.7 (the 20 is 69.7 and the 25 bore is 86mm and the 20 78mm.Doubt very much anyone would put a 25 head on a 20 but who knows....
  3. Its an RB20DET ecu and has a Type 2 Nistune board for RB25DET. If it is in good working order use this one. You cannot use your old R33 ECU.
  4. No and don't keep opening new threads - stick to one.
  5. The fact that the ecu is not original but for an AWD auto would support the theory that its from a Stagea and an RB20 at that. You would think that if it came from an RB25 the matching ecu would have been fitted.
  6. No. Cannot Nistune an R33 ecu. What type Nistune chip have you got? That will determine what ecu you need for it. You may be learning the hard way - buy stuff that you know will meet your needs not just things that seem cheap.
  7. According to this site http://jp-carparts.com/nissan/partlist.php?maker=nissan&type=81&cartype=&fig=226 your ecu is for an RB20DE auto AWD That is not to say that this is the cause of your running problems.
  8. If you modify the car to any extent the auto will die so manual conversion should be a priority ahead of an aftermarket computer. If you stick a Haltech in your stock S1 you won't even notice any advantage for your $3000+ expenditure (and I am sceptical that it will happen any time soon).
  9. Very good specs. Just tidy up the rust (properly) and you will have a great car!
  10. No I would not. How rich are you? With 700+hp you will need a lot more spending - new clutch, gearbox, brakes suspension tyres. Pull the engine apart and see what it needs. You may just need a set of pistons and bearings. Neo has GTR rods and oil pump so if its in good nick will support 300 to 350RWKW without forged parts. In NZ I would be considering an RB30 bottom end for the Neo head but may not be so easy for you. I am sure you could buy quite a nice car for 20,000 pounds but if you want to spend it on your old Skyline and that makes you happy go right ahead - but take the time to pull the engine apart and see exactly what your options are.
  11. Pull the fuel line off the rail and see what happens when you turn the key. Could be blocked filters or as Duncan says pump on the way out (or coils or CAS or lots of things but start with the fuel supply).
  12. Ok if you have all that its a good start. ..so long as it comes with the manifolds, turbo etc. Then you will need an intercooler and a bigger exhaust. At the end it will make the same Kw as the 350DE
  13. E Manage is a very second rate solution. I wasted many dollars on parts and tuners trying piggy back options. You should resign yourself to the fact that you will end up wanting a manual box and a Link computer. If you realise that's where you are going to end up the sensible thing would be to do the manual conversion first. The better solution would be to find a manual S2 instead but that's probably not going to happen as they are pretty rare.
  14. Looks good! Is the intercooler a return flow? Tao probably would have liked to see a big as FMIC but interested to see what you make. I like the 4 dr R34 shape.
  15. Post up the number of your original ecu - someone may be able to tell you if its an auto one. In any case I would use the one that works. You may be able to get it Nistuned later if you start modding.
  16. Try Nissan but you might be out of luck due to age...
  17. That's a pity. I was going to say if you are bored with it fit an RB32/26 and live!
  18. Hi there - post up some pics of your 32 to help decide!!
  19. You'll get a variety of opinions. Mine is that wouldn't be an upgrade!
  20. Wow that sounds so far out! Have you had the car running with this set up at all? Has this been done before?
  21. I have never driven a Nissan where you could not engage the ABS without excessive force on the pedal. When people say brakes are not good enough they usually mean that with many rapid applications they lose stopping power. If you have to stand on the brakes to pull the car up normally then there is a fault. Sounds like you were just unlucky with your replacement booster. Has this problem existed ever since you disabled ABS? Sure all the brake lines are connected properly? BTW almost any booster should do. e.g. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/nissan/brakes/listing-2262431068.htm?rsqid=84e0244abd7f4ea2aea053cf26cb1d59-001
  22. To summarize: get a bigger hammer Soak in CRC Use a separator or bar if you can get purchase to apply effort that would pull the joint out and at the same time hit really hard the piece that it goes through Google how to separate ball joints for video instruction
  23. Repco, suspension shops or take the car to e.g. Joes Mechanical services.
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