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  1. You have the Neo part numbers. The rest are irrelevant. Here's some: http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/camshaft-cover-seal-suit-nissan-skyline-20gt-25gt-25gt-25gt-p-215.html
  2. Please turn the photo round the right way.I am looking at my desktop and cannot easily turn the screen. So far as I can tell that device is only reading the information that is in your ecu so if you do not have a wide band sensor it will not have any useful information about your AFRs. So forget the device and go back to basics. Check your plugs, coils and look for boost leaks (as in test for boost leaks - they are not always easy to spot).
  3. The real question is why would you want to? Better a 350Gt or better still the engine from a Fuga 450GT
  4. Good result - that sounds like plenty of power esp for the modest investment!
  5. If its not being modified that's correct - but not because its an auto.
  6. Be pretty tricky if you didn't. Have you had a look? You might find the positions marked. BTW last post in this thread was over 5 years ago....
  7. The answer is to not shift quickly on the dodgy changes and to double de-clutch appropriately.
  8. If you google "Greddy Emanage Ultimate" you will find a bunch of resources including a manual and a number of links to free software down loads including from the Greddy site. I don't know how up to date these are but should be worth a try. Eventualy you will probably need access to a dyno for tuning your car although if it has the stock turbo and injectors etc it should not require too much work.
  9. More expensive than what? Mobile hydraulic hose doctors make lines for $million machinery including huge excavators and small forklifts. They make brake parts, steering parts and more for all kinds of vehicles. Do you know how much pressure your steering system can experience momentarily? A professional is going to do a better job than you can and has the gear to do it.
  10. I'm no good at wiring either but check that you have seated the ecu plug properly.
  11. Yes I know what it is. One of the main oil control issues is high capacity oil pumps draining the sump faster than it can flow back down. Accusump maintains oil pressure. Rear head "drain" does nothing. My suggestion is read say the last half of the oil control thread. But its your car you can do what you like.
  12. I don't believe in God I believe in evidence...so no rear oil drain particularly if you are getting an accusump system
  13. Most of your brand name pistons, rods and cranks are actually made in China (just like your i phone)...
  14. I think the money you would spend on cams would be better spent on a Link or a Haltech so that you can better control boost build. Also a lot is in the tune. Most tuners work on the basis that customers want to see as high as possible maximum power figure (which is too often the case). If you get a better ECU and tell your tuner what you want to achieve I think you will have better success.
  15. If you don't have access to Nissan parts and can't wait to source them from Amayama etc then a hose doctor (hyraulic hose repair) such as ENZED, Hydraulink (don't know what brands you have where you are) should be able to make one for you.
  16. Bigger steel hammer. WD40. Tap both ways i.e. as though you were putting it on and then the other way . Work your way around the circumference.
  17. Here's a guy running a 6062 (on E85) making 700hp https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/313603-precision-billet-turbos/page/140/ Scroll down to R33 Ryan on p 140 of the Precision thread
  18. What kind of ECU do you have? What's an MBC? If its a manual boost controller you would be better to change it for a Mac valve and use your ECU for better boost control in each gear (supposing your ECU supports that).
  19. Sorry...and the 25DET has taller gear ratios.
  20. I assume you don't have the 25DET big gearbox...
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