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  1. Hi, This is a Motec M800 full unlocked with advance features to suit a R34 gtr pnp with a motec ignition expander I can supply a pinout diagram Asking price is $4200 Please msg on 0414959914 Located nsw west
  2. Hi,


    I know you were selling the gts4 diff gears alog time ago just want to know if you still have them ?

  3. Never was a Jem car built by me not Jem, tuned by chea powertune
  4. For now it's ok will look into a turbo later
  5. R34 gtr mfd v spec Hi , I have a mfd with a brand new screen for sale . This is for a v spec model . $2000 msg me on here or text me on 0414959914
  6. sorry wont let me upload any other video's
  8. We could not really get a good result on the dyno as it kept wheel spinning Ill see if i can get a dyno for it as most the work on the car was done via logging
  9. used the 0.7 rear housing still feels like its holding back however for the street its alot of fun
  10. you need to follow me on facebook
  11. Mate what shit you talking????!!!!???? please keep of my thread