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  1. Spotted some skylines at VCM Performance on Saturday Black R32 GTSt, Nismo sticker above left headlight Black R34 4-door Re Customs R34 GTT Met Kevin R32 GT-R, nice machine that one I think there might have been a couple more but my memory not too good...
  2. I have been pulled over by cops many times, sometimes justified sometimes not. Latley though it took the cake, they followed me for about 1.5km, so I decided to wait on the a red arrow, hoping the long line of cars would make them loose intrest. When the arrow when green about 10 cars got through, but I didn't, this time I was 3rd in the line with the cops still waiting behind me. Next green arrow I got through, again about 10 cars got through, but the cops pulled me over, expected, but what was unexpected was they charged me for going through a yellow arrow. It was definatly still green when I was halfway throught the intersection, I am 100% about that. I argued, but he just said, take it to the courts. I don't have time for the courts and I doubt I could defend myself against them anyway even if I did. If I take it on the chin it will be the second time I have to and I only have 3 points left. Such is life But in your case grabbing you by the throat is just unexceptable, he should be taken down.
  3. White R33 GT-R at Brentford Square today. Seen it there a few times.
  4. Blue R33 GTS with Nismo wheels on middlebourgh Rd Doncaster Blue R34 GT-R, looked stock, turning into blackburn Rd Blackburn White R32 GT-R in the Dandy hills on Saturday, He gave me the thumbs up so I waved back.
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