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  1. are you really wacky??

  2. Been doing some reading recently and came accross some rusty old topics ... regarding rust on strut towers. Then I looked at mine today and lo and behold the drivers side one is completely f**ked. I mean there are like 3 big paint bubbles and a few cracks and you can see rust underneath. The only semi positive, it seems to be only the top plate not the strut tower itself *cross fingers*. On the passenger side there's only one small rush patch about a cm big ..but yeah that needs looking at too. I'm very curious to know if this is a common issue on Skylines because I've found a few threads with people having the same issue. Is it possibly VERY common just that people arent paying attention to it ?? I never noticed myself until I looked for it today.. From some of the previous threads I where people got quotes to get these fixed it's not a cheap fix either ..$1000-2000 easy. Plus I have atleast another 3-4 rush spots that need cutting/welding on the underbody/wheel arches. But atleast those are not structural like the strut towers so can maybe wait until I save up some moulah ...or some cleaning/rust converter/bog can do the job for the next few years.. Would it be a BAAAAAD idea to just have the top plates on the strut towers cleaned, put some rust converter and bogged ? Or would that just slow ..or possibly mask the issue? How important is the top plate ? It seems to be only about a mm thick and I'm not quite sure wtf it's for ..extra strenght so the shock doesn't push through the strut tower on a big pothole ?? (If so why oh why didn't they just design the strut towers with a thicker metal) Anyway, if you're bored ..and not too scared to look, have a look at your strut towers please and post your findings here together with year/model. I'm gonna take some pics tommorow.
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