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  1. okay.. ill organise for the remaining balance to be paid in cash.. So how much is the total dude?
  2. AWESOME !! so how much was the total price including postage? Did it come to 220? 220 - 50 deposit = $170 remaining balence.. this correct? Oh, and is it okay if i deposit the money into your account via net bank like last time? My frend is going to pick up the kit for me.. and I cant get it in cash.. but i got money in my bank.. So ill deposit the money into your account.. and my frend will pick up his and my kit for me.. Thanks
  3. any idea wen they will be arriving in the country?
  4. wait for meeeeee! i want in too. H1 @ 6000k for me please. $50 deposit heading your way...
  5. Hey guys, Buddy Club P1s in Racing white. 5x114.3 stud pattern 17x8 32 offset 17x9 37 offset Tyres Falken Ziex 326 235/45/17 95% front Bridgestone SO3 255/40/17 60% back Rims are 6 months old. Rims are very good condition, 2 small marks on 2 of the rims, other two are spotless. Perfect fit for silvias and skylines. $1800ono I am located in Perth.
  6. front bar is standard, skirts look like supra skirts? rear pods.. but yeah.. agree with duncan pretty homo
  7. Hi guys, Have a set of s15 16" standard rims and tyres for sale they are 5x114.3 3 of the 4 rims have very light scratches around the edge and the last one is spotless. They come with 215/55 potenzas at the back and sum crap firestone 205 at the front.. fronts have about 30-40% tread and rears are about 60-70% I want $350 firm Thanks
  8. hey mate, interested in these for my s15.. but the tyre profile is wrong.. i belive 235/40 and 265/35 would be ideal for my car.. and most cars?
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